Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Ultra-Reactionary Left

The big power gap, of course, is the theft of the power of individuals into the behemoth institutions of leftism.  So allow each parent to withdraw the tax dollars used to "educate" his child and instead allow that parent to use whatever means is effective in education, using regular standardized tests to prove success.  Allow each citizen a "slice" of the broadcast bandwidth, which he can give to whichever association he feels best represents his moral, cultural, and political values – allowing these "unions" of ordinary citizens to reach beyond the monolith of established media and entertainment. 
Empower those genuinely disempowered individuals – the oppressed colonies we call "states," those harassed religions and beliefs squeezed out and bullied by doctrinaire state atheism, the victims of federal bureaucratic and judicial activism who cannot survive the crushing weight of statist power.  This is what true revolutionaries, genuine champions of the people, and actual radicals who see how ghastly life has become for many Americans would demand.  This is what the ultra-reactionary left, which is the nearest we have to medieval barons and bishops, would want, if it wanted anything at all, really, but power.