Monday, October 26, 2015

Migrants and the Fall of European Civilization - A History Lesson

However, today it is Muslim migrants with the strong monotheistic system and settled European populations who lack one.  Europe is in the thrall of a kind of vague, loosely held, atheistic social humanism, which is probably incapable of resisting the adherents of the strictest, most doctrinaire monotheistic system ever devised, Islam, which literally means “submission.”  Whereas the ancient migrating Germans, beginning with their elites, universally converted to the existing monotheistic system, in Europe today it is working in the opposite way. 
It is the migrants with the stronger and more unyielding belief system.  Muslim migrants to Europe tend not to assimilate, and if anything, they become more doctrinaire as way of self-identifying and distinguishing themselves from existing populations they see as inferior.  Already in Europe a conversion process in underway, which not only includes disgruntled youth, but also educated elites.  These converts lack moral underpinnings and find little objection to adopting the path of least resistance.  Like the existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger who had no problem joining the Nazis, European elites are likely to increasingly adopt Islam.  Their ready, even enthusiastic adoption of Muslim positions with respect to Israel, and to a lesser extent the United States, are a sign of worse things to come.
The key historical point to recognize is that focusing on demographics, while important, ignores the fact that relative population size is not decisive.  If current trends continue, Islamic politics and culture will dominate Europe long before Muslims reach a demographic majority, just as the German migrants dominated Romanized Western Europe while never constituting a majority of the population.  The process is already well underway.