Friday, May 18, 2018

Travel Note to Mentors – May 18, 2018 – from Crush.

We have arrived at our first destination and I am slowly getting back in my posting saddle. Ma and I have been blessed to visit with and see our grandkids growing up each of the last 18 years. Talk about mentoring!

While traveling for 10 days, it has given me time to reflect upon some things that weigh on my mind. It should not be news to any of you that Western Civilization is under total assault by forces worldwide who feel they are about to emerge victorious. They will fail!

However, while our enemies continue their attacks, they can cause a lot of damage – both physically and spiritually – because the designated defenders of our civilization have been either essentially asleep or clueless. Is it time for a wakeup call?

I find that we have too many religionists, political pundits or culture warriors – all ‘experts’ in their chosen fields and next to useless in actual defense of what is almost lost.

For the foreseeable future, my emphasis will be Western Civilization – understanding its history, learning its fundamental pillars of support, and most of all – becoming part of the defense and/or reconstruction process – NOW! We don’t need readers here who are just readers – we need readers, learners and doers – mentors – for your family and your community. It is not a popularity contest!

I don’t care if you are a Christian, atheist, agnostic or 'who knows what' now – are you willing and able to seek the Truth wherever it lies? If you think you have all DaTruth now – you’re delusional – no one on earth has 100%!

So the choice is yours – make it. The results of that decision will be yours and no decision is also a choice!

You may begin here, even if you have read it before – – and then do a word search for ‘Western Civilization’ at the linked archive – take some time to understand what we are defending – and then become the Mentor you are meant to be!

Let’s roll!