Sunday, May 20, 2018

Vox Popoli: The corruption of the neo-liberal world order (13 minute video with summary transcript)

(As usual, Vox Day’s posts often have very interesting comments following – I suggest you read them as well. – CL)

The importance of the revelations concerning the Deep State's involvement in directly manipulating US democracy for the last 38 years is going to have global repercussions, even if absolutely nothing comes of it in the USA itself. I addressed these recent revelations about Stefan Harper's interference in the presidential elections in a Darkstream.

I've always been very cynical about US politics, but the thing that is amazing is that I wasn't anywhere nearly cynical enough. It was it was just astonishing to me to read these revelations of what Stefan Harper has been doing since the 1980 elections. I mean this is absolutely and utterly remarkable, and you know, a lot of people are pessimistic that anything's going to happen. A lot of people are saying "oh well what difference does it make now that we know, what is anyone going to do about this?" but the reality is that it is bringing the end of the neo-liberal world order closer.

The neo-liberal world order has already failed. Even people who were part of constructing it, and  people who are true believers in it, people like Henry Kissinger, they know this. I mean, when you've got people like Francis Fukuyama, who was a firm and strong believer in the neo-liberal world order and he famously pronounced "the End of History". Not fifteen years later, he's been desperately trying to walk back his words and claim that that he meant something other than than his actual meaning and so forth because it is so readily apparent to everyone that the neo-liberal world order is failing.

But what we're seeing here is that in addition to it failing, people are increasingly unable to even believe in the false front that it presents, and so it's really, really remarkable to see how much this has changed, how much people's perceptions have changed, not just in the United States, but around the world. Think about what this is doing in Russia, think about what this is doing in China, even more importantly, think about what this is doing in all the countries like Indonesia, in countries like Korea, in countries that are currently making decisions about which way they are going to go.