Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Vox Popoli: Vote Right, Vote White

Heartiste and John Derbyshire sum up US politics in 2018:

Personally, I don’t relish a society structured solely around identity politics. It’s gauche, claustrophobic, miserably stressful, and a mockery of the transcendent. But damned if I’m gonna idly sit by as every other group looks out for themselves at my group’s expense. That’s a suicide pact. But the only way out of this inevitability is to restore Whites to demographic primacy in their homelands, from which perch Whites can safely and confidently eschew identity politics without risk of parasitic infection. My idea of a great country to live in: One that’s so explicitly homogeneous that these implicit identity conundrums never need addressing.
- Heartiste

While the Democratic Party is committed to anti-white positions, that swelling number of anti-anti-white whites is electoral gold for the Republican Party. Whether the Republican Party—also commonly known, let me remind you, as the Stupid Party—has enough sense and skill to mine that gold, is an open question. There are some hopeful signs from the White House, although that is of course not the same thing as the Republican Party.
- John Derbyshire

The civic nationalists, the neocons, the neoliberals, and the self-professed colorblind are all totally irrelevant now. Some of them don't quite realize it yet, although even the most stubborn civic nationalists can clearly sense the ground shifting under their feet given their increasingly desperate rhetoric.

This isn't Italy, where a new party can explode onto the scene and into government in two election cycles. The US has a strict two-party system, and one party is the Diversity Party which is resolutely and relentlessly anti-White.
To oppose them is to be objectively pro-White, and no amount of self-deception or attempting to avoid the inescapable is going to conceal that.

Because Diversity always favors the Left, in the US context, there is no difference between voting Right and voting White. While they are not conceptually the same thing, they are functionally, practically, and materially the same thing in the current US political context. Accepting this political reality will be vital to constructing a winning electoral strategy in 2020.

There are no identity politics in Japan because Japan is Japanese. There are no identity politics in China because China is Chinese
. Identity politics are the unavoidable reality in any polity that is foolish enough to allow demographic diversity and the only solution to them is to reduce the diversity to statistically insignificant levels.

These ideas aren't even remotely new. Both Steve Sailer and I have been writing about it for a long time. It's just that reality has finally caught up to the situation that we saw developing and what was inevitable is now the obvious, and is rapidly becoming the undeniable.