Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Vox Popoli: Italy turns against EU

The Euroskeptic parties Movimento 5 Stelle and La Lega are taking control of the Italian government:
Italians threaten to defy EU rules by kicking out 500,000 immigrants, tearing up spending plans and forging links with Russia

Last week the parties said they would renegotiate EU rules that require migrants to be dealt with by the first country they arrive in. They also pledged to build more detention centres and review the policy of rescuing migrants whose boats capsize. Italy has been on the front line of the EU’s migrant crisis, with hundreds of thousands making the journey across the Mediterranean from North Africa.

Lega leader Matteo Salvini has said an estimated 500,000 undocumented migrants in Italy must be deported ‘as a priority’. He told supporters he would rid the country of ‘delinquents’. The parties have also warned they will ignore Brussels rules on spending designed to prevent another eurozone crisis. They reject what they call the EU’s ‘austerity’ measures and want to renegotiate Italy’s debts.

Luigi Di Maio, the Five Star leader, said money to fund tax cuts would be found through investments and upcoming negotiations on the EU budget.

Euroskepticism has been on the rise throughout Italy since the Euro was forced on the country. Now the nationalists of both Left and Right have come to power even earlier than expected by virtue of joining forces. And once other Europeans see how the Italians improve their quality of life without migrants and Eurocrats, I expect they will follow suit.

Nationalists need to learn from the Italian example that an opponent from the other side of the political spectrum is not necessarily an enemy, unlike the globalists, who are the enemies of every nation.