Friday, May 25, 2018

Vox Popoli: The historical revisionists (This post is an education on how revisionist history gets written and promulgated. - CL)

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Ben Shapiro tries to speech police Pat Buchanan for telling the truth about American history:

In one of the more morally repugnant and historically egregious columns in recent memory, Pat Buchanan, godfather to the paleoconservative movement that forms a core piece of Trumpism, has now fully rejected the American credo: “All men are created equal.” Instead, he proposes that America embrace Western civilization’s history of white supremacism.

These anti-American liars always go running to Jefferson's single rhetorical phrase and ignore literally everything about the Federalist Papers, the Preamble to the Constitution, and the 1790 Naturalization law... as well as the rest of the Declaration of Independence. It's dishonest, it's ahistorical, it's transparent, and it's pathetic.

As I previously wrote when dealing with yet another (((historical revisionist))), there is a conclusive preponderance of evidence that, like the U.S. Constitution, the Naturalization Act of 1790, the writings of John Jay, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and other Founding Fathers, and the Alt-Right nationalist position, the Declaration of Independence itself is directly opposed to the revisionist equalitarian interpretation, as the document also refers to:
  • the connection between [the United Colonies] and the State of Great Britain
  • the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages
  • large Armies of foreign Mercenaries
  • the present King of Great Britain
  • the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners
  • the free System of English Laws
  • our British brethren
To rely upon a single phrase of a document in contradiction to the central theme of the entire document, which is that the People of the United Colonies are an English people, unique and distinct from foreigners, Indians, and the English people loyal to the King of Britain, is an outrageous attempt at deceit that relies entirely upon the historical ignorance of the audience. To say that anyone can become an American because "all men are created equal" is a shameless lie. One might as legitimately cite it as evidence to claim it means anyone can become Chinese.

Buchanan pointing out the devastating failure of the equalitarian attack on Western and American identity is what appears to have most upset the Littlest Chickenhawk.

Nor is a belief in the superiority of one's race, religion, tribe and culture unique to the West. What is unique, what is an experiment without precedent, is what we are about today. We have condemned and renounced the scarlet sins of the men who made America and embraced diversity, inclusivity and equality. … "All men are created equal" is an ideological statement. Where is the scientific or historic proof for it? Are we building our utopia on a sandpile of ideology and hope?

You know who actually built that utopia on a supposed “sandpile of ideology and hope”? Our founding fathers. Abraham Lincoln. The great heroes of American history. That’s because “all men are created equal” isn’t a sandpile of hope at all: it’s a basic description of our common human value in the eyes of God and the law. It’s descriptive, not hopeful. Buchanan, like most other white supremacists, thinks “all men are created equal” refers to quality of human beings rather than innate value. But our founders never made that mistake. They just knew that human beings are all made from the same stuff, no matter our race and ethnicity. They knew that Western civilization can assimilate those who began as outsiders, and should do so.

That’s America.

No, Ben, that's not America. And that's absolutely not Western civilization. There is no us. The Founding Fathers of America are not the founding fathers of a third-generation immigrant infidel, no badly how much he might wish to be accepted for something he most certainly is not.

It's always about "transformation" with these wormtongues. They always claim to be respecting tradition and relying upon history even as they seek to destroy both. They are shameless and unrepentant liars, and anyone who stands with any of them should not be taken seriously, as at the very least, they lack discernment.