Saturday, March 28, 2020

Breakthrough! It's Now Legal to Use Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID-19. - Gary North - March 28, 2020

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On March 26, I ran an article on Vladimir Zelenko, a Hasidic Jewish physician who was treating his patients with a drug used for malaria, but which is not approved by the FDA for use with COVID-19: hydroxychloroquine. He did a YouTube video on his success with 500 patients.
I said this was illegal, and that he could be shut down by the authorities. My article is here:
That video is now removed.
What I did not know on March 26 was this story, which has received almost no media coverage. On Monday, March 23, the state of New York made the use of hydroxychloroquine illegal to use to treat COVID-19. It is long out of trademark protection. But it has not been tested by the FDA for use with COVID-19.
On the morning of March 24, the local authorities did shut him down, as I thought I was warning against, but which had already taken place. Then an astounding thing happened. On the afternoon of March 24, the Jewish site, Forward, published an article on Dr. Zelenko's incredible experience. You can read it here.
In his video, he ended with much praise for President Trump. Here, I speculate. People must have forwarded the video to Mike Pence, who intervened. Anyway, somebody with a lot of political clout intervened.
On Tuesday afternoon, Pence announced to Fox News that the FDA has now authorized the use of the drug to treat COVID-19. This is unprecedented. The FDA ran no tests. Any drug company can now issue this drug to be used to treat COVID-19.
This means that physicians and hospitals can use it.
Have you read anything about this? No.
Why isn't this fact all over the Web?
Why haven't the mainstream media have found out whether this makes the drug legal, as Pence announced?
Why don't physicians know this? Why are hospitals ignoring this?
The country is being shut down, yet there appears to be a treatment which defeats this disease?
In a crisis, physicians should try anything that causes no harm.
There is dead silence on this -- as silent as the dead victims.
The media need to pursue this story. So do physicians. It is great news, if true.
It is a fluke that I found out about this at about 4 AM this morning. [Note: I don't believe in flukes.]