Sunday, March 29, 2020

Italy Must Never Forget...or Forgive, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

Another 832 people died from coronavirus in Italy today. The country’s fatalities have passed 10,000. Some believe this number is a massive undercount and the number of deaths could be as high as 50,000.
But an equally important story is how the liberal powers, particularly the European Union and NATO, have reacted to Italy’s desperate cries for help.
Israel, a dangerous rogue nation Italian conservatives have been trying to sell as an “alliance” worth deepening, has mobilized to provide emergency support to the devastated city of Milan. The catch? The “solidarity” is only for Jews.
As for NATO ally Turkey, the country’s firms have announced that they have the ability to produce 50 million face masks in a week, which are in chronic short supply in Italy’s hardest hit regions. Yet, in what can only be described as an act of subhumanity, the Turkish government went out of its way to maliciously confiscate 200,000 masks purchased by Italy in early March, with no refund.
The various “human rights” NGOs that serve as subversive tentacles for US/Brussels soft power are also working hard, but again, Italians are an afterthought. Dozens of plutocrat-funded “Italian” organizations are calling for the evacuation of illegal immigrants from “hotspots,” and for them to be released from detention to be spread out across the country. Meanwhile, ordinary Italians in the north and center of the country are prohibited from leaving without special permission – who speaks for them?
France and Germany, two of the European Union’s largest manufacturers, have heavily restricted the export of medical supplies. The economic liberalization EU countries must endure to join the bloc has destroyed Italian economic independence due to Germany and France swamping neighboring markets with exports. Lesson learned. 67% of Italians now believe membership in the European Union is useless.
Reconfiguring the Global Order
On the other hand, China has been exemplary in aiding Italy and Europe as a whole. The white noise being produced by angry Washington neo-liberals and neo-conservatives, who claim China and Russia are using humanitarian aid as propaganda (as opposed to what?), is falling on deaf ears.
While Donald Trump bickers with selfish US capitalists to produce life-saving ventilators, Chinese planners for the last week have been busy ratcheting up production to meet the sudden explosion in demand in Italy and beyond. Chinese ventilator factories are now working 24 hours and 7 days a week in hopes of meeting superhuman manufacturing goals, even though this carries the risk of creating another outbreak.
This is only one piece of a bigger relief effort. Aside from tons of supplies, China has also sent Italy its most heroic doctors, many who originally helped contain the virus during the initial outbreak in Wuhan. The Chinese have demonstrated deep respect for Roman civilization, marking every humanitarian aid crate with a quote by Seneca: “We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.” Various other countries targeted by Washington and its pawns in Brussels for rejecting some or all liberal tenets – Russia, Venezuela, Cuba – have also been generous with Italy, despite being strangled by sanctions themselves.
NATO, Germany and the US have grown defensive and reacted to these gestures by mustering some minor procrastinated support, but no matter what they do next, it’s doubtful they will be able to win back an Italian public growing more self-aware and patriotic beneath the mountains of coffins.
The real rulers of America, like the Jew George Soros, have been working tirelessly to prevent Europe from pursuing its own interests and strengthening relations with China, according to the US government run propaganda outlet Voice of America. While Chinese billionaire turned school teacher Jack Ma has been using his foundation to provide life-or-death coronavirus aid to Europe and Asia, Soros has been using his personal fortune to use the crisis as an opportunity to attack the traditional family. What does Soros have to offer the world other than corrosion of all that is virtuous and good?
When all is said and done, Italy, Serbia, Wisegrad group and others thrown under the bus by the liberal-globalist order should reconsider their geopolitical alliances. To join the “community” of liberal plutocracy, a nation must sacrifice its sovereignty, acquiesce to Jews, accept mass race-replacement and attack its own proud history, while getting nothing in return. Is it worth it?