Sunday, March 8, 2020

Either We Destroy the Republican Party or It Will Destroy Us, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review (DaGOP is a perfect example of Controlled Opposition - CL)

There’s no question that American bastions of power – business, courts, intelligence services, media, ivy league universities – are firmly in the grip of Jewish oligarchs and the 10-15% of upper middle class professionals that form their second estate.
Conservatives, with the exception of a few Israel-hawks and economic libertarians, are absent in this demographic. What they all have in common is seething animosity towards the traditional family, nation-states, white people, working people and Western civilization, which in the eyes of top billionaires are barriers to profits and potential means of resistance to their master plan, and for the lower tier of the new aristocracy, stains of retrograde bigotry and intolerance that must be shattered to usher in the era of the new cosmopolitan overman.
Michael Lind calls these people the “liberaltarians,” upper class people who adhere to extreme, activist forms of social liberalism combined with rapacious capitalism. The convergence is stark. “Socialist” left academics at the Jacobin and their libertarian right equivalents at the Cato Institute have the exact same views and rationalizations on questions of sexuality, family values, religion, immigration, drugs, globalism, crime and race. Their consensus is highly unpopular even across racial lines in America and would never survive democratic scrutiny, but ordinary people are not allowed to participate in academia, non-profit foundations or media. All we have is a few elective branches of the state.
Which is why every two and four years, America’s silenced majority expresses what they think is a veto of the abyss these unelected forces are foisting us into, usually in the form of delivering Congress and/or the Executive office to the Republican Party. Republicans have won 8 out of the last 13 presidential races since 1968.
During Newt Gingrich’s 1994 “Revolution,” Republicans drew up a “Contract with America” that promised a radical overhaul in Washington to combat corruption, as well as increase popular participation and transparency in government affairs in the interest of creating a counter-balance to elitism. This was paired with a plan to crack down on out-of-control black crime and fight abuses of “Great Society” programs, a form of “socialism” that is uniquely American in that white working people pay almost as much in taxes as Europeans, but are often excluded from reaping the benefits of social programs due to the absurdly low means threshold for participating.
The end result was that the GOP was able to solidify a national white voting base, including for the first time ever the South, making a once competitive congressional kingmaker solidly red and giving the GOP total control of Congress for the first time since 1954.
What did the Republicans do with their mandate in ’94? There were one or two modest achievements, but they mostly spent two years inviting libertarian think-tanks and corporate lobbies to draw up predictable legislation: pollute the environment, cut Medicare, defund schools and give Wall Street and multi-nationals the savings through tax-cuts untethered to productive investment. The people responded: Bill Clinton, a neo-liberal himself, batted away some of their shittier proposals and was re-elected in 1996. The GOP’s congressional presence was crushed in 1998.
The Republicans have staged many dramatic comebacks since then, promising in dog whistles, or in Trump’s case, explicit terms, to fight the ever more virulent racial attacks on whites by the Democratic party. Every time voters forgive or forget their last term, they are given the power to do something about it, and like clockwork you get the exact same legislative agenda they’ve had for 40 years.
Even if we were to give the GOP the benefit of the doubt and pretend they are not just a corrupt mouthpiece for billionaires and Zionists, its core ideology makes it useless and dangerous.
According to the institutional philosophy of the Republican Party, state power is in and of itself immoral. GOP deregulation sprees transfer more power away from the government, where we have some degree of say, and into the hands of private plutocratic interests who can’t be voted out but have grown to exert more and more power over our everyday lives. Homosexuality, feminism, globalization, immigration and other elite impositions rapidly advance under Trump just like they did under Reagan. The minoritarian impulse to terrorize the majority and force it to assimilate to its eccentricities has always existed – just ask the Jews – what has changed in the neoliberal era is the waning of state power and its reluctance to satisfy the will of the people when other nodes of social, economic and cultural power are captured by anti-social forces and unilaterally decide that normal people no longer have a place in America.
This obviously upsets the people, which then leads to “anarcho-tyranny,” an ironic combination of social disintegration protected by ideologically selective, heavily abusive intelligence services and police – knights in the service of oligarchy.
The lack of a will to govern Republicans elected to government prize guarantees that their voters lose every cultural, social and economic war in the short-term, and are governed by people who hate them in the long-term. All nine Supreme Court Justices are graduates of two “private” ivy leagues: Harvard, a school that is only 10% white male Gentile (with homosexuals overrepresented in this segment) and forces students to take lessons on hating white people, or Yale, which is identical in all regards. Whether “conservative” or “liberal,” what kind of ideological principles can the public expect present and future judges to have when elite-to-power pipelines teach them to despise the values, traditions and very existence of the people they rule? The GOP’s worldview is a fraud to circumvent popular approval, perpetuated in the interest of replacing the white majority which would never vote for its own dispossession otherwise.
It is the hallmark of madness for America’s majority to continue expecting a party that does not believe in governing to ever do anything to defend its desperate voters, solidified as a bloc behind them out of fear that the other party might be worse. Trump was elected to stop immigration and deport the illegals, but in the two years the president and the GOP ran the entire government, it was Gingrich and Reagan all over again.
The GOP establishment has figured out that, just as they were about to cross the finish line, its voters have realized what they’re doing. Already, a visible crop of future phony populists is emerging: Marco Rubio, Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, etc. These characters will arise in 2024 and imply that they are the white working man’s champion, while in fact they will just be running white people’s electoral-demographic clock for another election cycle or two.
Contrary to what paleo-conservatives believe, the GOP will be just fine in a majority-minority electorate. They will just run candidates like Trump’s new adopted son, Charlie Kirk, an extreme social and economic libertarian Zionist whose twitter is full of attacks on “old white men.” The Republicans are giving us a glimpse of what awaits us when we are old and white and no longer have the power to give them yet another mandate to tap dance for Israeli lobbyists and engage in corporate cronyism.
It’s time to boycott this criminal outfit into collapse and build a party from scratch that reflects the values of normal people and isn’t afraid to govern on their behalf.
It’s a Herculean task, but continuing to fall for the GOP’s dirty election year tricks reminds one of the salient proverb: a lazy man does twice the work.
(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)