Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Libertarian Movement? - by bionic mosquito

          “Socialist” left academics at the Jacobin and their libertarian right equivalents at the Cato Institute have the exact same           views and rationalizations on questions of sexuality, family values, religion, immigration, drugs, globalism, crime and         race.

This has been the point of the posts that I have written on the topic of libertarians and culture.  These are the social views crammed down the throats of most people and would never pass muster for the majority. 

          Their consensus is highly unpopular even across racial lines in America and would never survive democratic scrutiny, but          ordinary people are not allowed to participate in academia, non-profit foundations or media.

The working class has been abandoned by the democrats in favor of this agenda; conservatives were abandoned by the republicans long ago, with republicans silent (at best) on this agenda.

Libertarians?  Eric Striker identified the libertarian movement with the quote at the top of this post.  It is no different than the socialist movement for most Americans – and for conservative libertarians.