Friday, March 6, 2020

A Sobering Assessment – From Insanity, Inc. to What Might Be Next

Almost a month ago, I posted As a Society and Culture, Are We Sane or Insane? The Evidence…………… - and just this past week:

The Threat of a Nuclear War Between the US and Russia Is Now at Its Greatest Since 1983 - By Scott Ritter - When the Commander of NATO says he is a fan of flexible first strike at the same time that NATO is flexing its military muscle on Russia’s border, the risk of inadvertent nuclear war is real.

The Myth of Moderate Nuclear War - By Brian Cloughley - First of all, the notion that Russia would take the first step to nuclear war is completely baseless, and there is no evidence that this could ever be contemplated. But ever if it were to be so, it cannot be imagined for an instant that Washington would indulge in moderate nuclear warfare in riposte. These self-justifying wargames are dangerous. And they bring Armageddon ever closer.

Vox Popoli: Move away, Swedes - Immigration is rather like free speech. Both are scams that are intended to convince the target to lower its natural defenses until the balance of power is sufficiently altered. Then the vital importance of minority feelings and cultural norms abruptly disappear.

Vox Popoli: Immigration is war - Immigration has always been war. Whether it was the Mongols migrating to India, the Germans migrating to Italy, the Goths migrating to Byzantium, the Normans migrating to England, the Europeans migrating to the Americas, the Japanese migrating to China, the Germans migrating to Eastern Europe, or the Jews migrating to Canaan, the result has always been military occupation, followed by the large-scale slaughter and suppression of the native population.
And because immigration is war, open borders is surrender.

The Nonconsent of the Governed - EPautos - By eric - Who now “govern” us without consent and with contempt for the very idea of representation.
Why do we tolerate it?
That’s another question well worth answering.

Have we brewed a whirlwind? - - In the United States and throughout the Western World there is public distrust of public authorities and distrust among the public of one another.  Public authorities who do not like “conspiracy theories” do a lot to generate them.

And just today: Globalization And Our Precarious Medical Supply Chains | Zero Hedge - Authored by F. William Engdahl  - In 2008, the Chinese government designated pharmaceutical production as a “high-value-added industry” and bolstered the industry through subsidies and export tax rebates to encourage pharmaceutical companies to export their products. By 2019 China had become by far the world’s largest source for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
The Achilles Heel of this globalization and sole dependency for vital medicines on one country now becomes alarmingly clear as the future of China as a reliable supplier of needed drugs and other medical supplies has suddenly become a matter of grave concern to the entire world.

So now what? The View From Olympus: A Chink in Our Armor – traditionalRIGHT - William S. LindI have warned for decades that the future weapon of mass destruction is not the nuclear weapon but the genetically engineered plague.  The world now stands on the brink of its first experience with that new weapon………….

So what do we do about it?  We have to face the fact that in the face of new plagues, Globalism is suicide.  The only thing that works is quarantine. In the Middle Ages, some Italian towns saved themselves from the plague by a policy of immurement: any house where plague appeared was bricked up, with the people inside.
The equivalent for us now is to shut down all international travel.  No one may enter the United States without going through a period of quarantine…………..

This is the future, folks; not “one world”, but many moats and drawbridges.  Globalism is the chink in our armor, or perhaps going into a tournament without hauberk or cuirass.  We will either armor up or listen to the cry in our streets, “Bring out your dead.”

And remember, by their fruits, ye shall know them. The fruits of globalism are observably evil.

Is there a road back from Insanity, Inc? Maybe – But don’t expect a rose garden!

Oh yes – have a nice weekend! (Spring is near!)