Friday, July 5, 2019

Conversations on Controlled Opposition, False Flags, Oligarchs and even President Lincoln.

Yesterday I shared the 4th with an old friend I had not seen in years – we have many things in common, especially our concern for the future of the country. A number of subjects came up – and not surprisingly – were confirmed just today by reports that I posted in the library.

First was the report of a political promo of two strange bedfellows – which Vox Day explains is not so strange at all – controlled opposition – a perfect illustration of how it is done!
Here is a quote from it: This new think tank is as fake as the Edmund Burke Center for National Conservativism or whatever the neoclowns' latest charade is called. It's neoclowns from top to bottom and they're attempting to subvert the opposition to neoclown warmongering by taking control of the opposition to imperialist warfare. National Review and the modern conservative movement are the model; the plutocrats provide lavish funding for a false front organization that is designed to vacuum up all the minds, money, and media that might otherwise go to the genuine opposition.

As usual, Charles Hugh Smith does his excellent and precise job of explaining why our American oligarchs have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo – controlled opposition being just one of how it is done.
BTW – try word searching American Oligarchs in the LimbrawLibrary – an education in itself!

And while you and I were celebrating the 4th, guess what our benevolent government was doing? Moon of Alabama exposes another false flag attempt.

Finally – a history lesson – did you know of the plans of President Lincoln before he was assassinated? Read the first 4 articles from this word search.

As I have said repeatedly – the more I read, the more I realize how little I know and how easy it has been for the gatekeepers to keep me ignorant. That is changing big time!

Keep mentoring – the work is just beginning!