Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Covid Vaccine - By George Giles

Viruses work by getting their genetic material injected into a cell where the cell’s own DNA transcription system gets hijacked to produce many copies of the virus. The illness is the symptoms this causes and in the case of covid-19 range from none to mild; deaths are in people with co-morbidities, but the worldwide freakout has let governments run wild. Every week since the ‘pandemic’ was declared has seen more influenza deaths. Wrecking the world wide economy was criminal.

The COVID vaccine according to Reuters:

“Moderna’s data provide further validation of the promising but previously unproven mRNA platform, which turns the human body into a vaccine factory by coaxing cells to make virus proteins that the immune system sees as a threat and attacks.”

Coleman, Dr VernonBuy New $3.99(as of 04:06 EDT - Details)The clinical trial for Moderna worked on 90 patients. I am not sure I want to have government mRNA injected into my cells. My experience in healthcare is grim. Doctors do whatever they want to patients and the results, often bad, usually come later. Healthcare is the only business where killing the customer is an acceptable outcome.

Some states are circulating potential laws that make covid vaccines mandatory.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a signalling system for metabolism in cells, I prefer the original equipment which works much better.

My 21 years in healthcare taught me that if you are offered a prescription, which is almost a reflex with doctors, demand generics, medicines that have been proven to work on millions patients. The Moderna clinical trial is statistical bullshit. Healthcare even has their own math called ‘biostatistics’ so they can extrapolate 95 cases to the whole human race. No thanks.

“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” ~Albert Einstein

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