Thursday, April 15, 2021

One Question Before Us Is: Will We Be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated “Covid Pandemic”? -

(So....this is what most Americans want? Did anyone ask you?
Wait a minute - who are Americans these days? I haven't a clue - do they even know WTF is going on?  - CL)


Americans have few sources of reliable information except for a handful of websites that few know anything about.  Americans are unaware that the low-grade morons currently ruling and disinforming them from Washington have given an American military guarantee to the neo-nazis installed in Ukraine with Washington’s “Maidan Revolution.” The Ukraine government, if that is what it is, has, in effect, declared war on Russia, vowing to retake Crimea and the Donbass Republics.

I never thought any government would prove to be as stupid as the British government that in 1939 gave a military guarantee to Poland that caused the Polish military dictatorship to break off discussions with Germany about returning German territory and people stolen by the Versailles Treaty.  This British guarantee was the cause of World War II.

Now the Washington idiots have one-upped the British idiots.  They have given a military guarantee to a Ukrainian government as stupid as Poland’s in 1939.  If the American puppets in Ukraine believe the American “guarantee” and act on it, Ukraine will cease to exist as an independent country.  If Washington gets involved, the US will cease to exist.

How can it be that people are so stupid as to get in such a situation?

As I have emphasized for years, part of the dangerous situation of which few are aware is the fault of the Kremlin. President Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov and their spokespersons have responded to Washingtons’s insults and provocative actions in a lighthearted manner in order to avoid escalating a situation provoked by the warmongers in Washington.  We have to respect the Russian leadership for this.  However, to Washington the responsible Kremlin response is misinterpreted as a lack of backbone.

Washington is so confident of its intimidating military power that it has sent two warships into the Russian Black Sea as a warning to Russia in the event Ukraine renews its attacks on Donbass.  Washington miscalculated the Russian response, which was not passive. Russia said Washington should remove its warships “for their own protection.”

If you look into the eyes of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu,  you are looking into eyes willing and able to destroy you.  If you look into the eyes of Biden, Kamala, Austin, Blinkin, you are looking into eyes that hate white patriotic Americans.  The Woke Regime in Washington is powerless against Shoigu who can walk through woke creatures easier than walking through wet paper bags.

Washington might misread Putin as lacking in intestinal fortitude, but it is impossible to repeat this mistake with Shoigu. The Russian Defense Minister announded on April 13 that sufficient Russian military was activated to deal with Ukraine, NATO, and the Americans.  If they want a bloody nose, he will be certain that they get one and more.

Shoigu understands that this is the only way to deal with the “exceptional, indispensable” people who regard hegemony as their right.  Shoigu says if you test your hegemony on the battlefield with us, Russia will show you just how unexceptional you are.

Russia holds all the cards unless Putin and Lavrov again give in to the Western-worshiping Russian Atlanticists Integrationists.  It is a mystery that Putin cannot free himself of these traitors. Stalin would have executed every one of them.  They are a fifth column within Russia, and they are Washington’s hope. If Washington prevails over Russia, it will be because of the Russian fifth column—the Atlanticist Integrationists.  

Without the support of the armed services, no government has power.  Unlike Biden who is purging the best elements of the US military, Putin understands that in the face of Western hostility, the Russian military is the decisive entity.

Shoigu announced that the Russian military is in full readiness and in full ability to dispose of any threat from any quarter.

Can the low-grade morons ruling in Washington understand the language?

UPDATE: Once more, we see Vladimir Putin demonstrating the difference between influence and power. It's all fun and games until someone sends 100,000 troops supported by air, armor, and artillery on your border. However, it's important to note that the USA is now clearly in a state of cold war with both Russia and China, only this time the economic, technology, and demographic trends are not in its favor. -