Saturday, April 24, 2021

Vox Popoli: Rule by conman

The debacle of the European Super League demonstrates the fundamental flaw with libertarian ideology. Whereas communism is rule by the envious, libertarianism is rule by the fraudulent:

Florentino Perez has warned that no club can leave the European Super League after signing binding contracts to participate and denied JP Morgan have pulled their backing to fund the competition.

Speaking out yet again after a flurry of clubs withdrew, Perez - who heads the controversial competition - slammed teams for 'manipulating our project' and vowed that the tournament 'still exists' and will go ahead regardless.

The Premier League 'Big Six' - namely Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham - were the first to pull out of the Super League 48 hours after its official founding, but Real Madrid chief Perez stated earlier this week all 12 clubs involved signed a 'legally binding contract'.

Speaking to Spanish outlet AS, the 74-year-old has reiterated his point that the plan is only on standby and accused others of 'manipulating' what the Super League project is about to mask fears of what they could lose.

When asked what penalties clubs who have withdrawn could face, Perez said: 'I'm not going to explain now what a binding contract is... But the clubs can't leave. 

If legality is determined solely by whatever one party can talk another party into signing, then the society that will result is rule by conmen. The 11 clubs were talked into the Super League by Real Madrid, which faces bankruptcy under the current setup due to its profligate spending and massive debts. Now they face the prospect of paying huge fines they can't afford if they don't proceed with a plan that will destroy them and harm the sport. 

It's well and good to point out that no one has to sign a contract... right up until you realize that for all their protests, courts have been upholding the concept of "contracts of adhesion" that don't require any signatures for decades.

It is the Devil who loves binding contracts. So it should come as no surprise that a society based on contracts soon comes to resemble Hell on Earth.