Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Vox Popoli: The USA is the Adversary

(But but aren't we DaGoodGuys? You can read the first and fourth articles on this list: - about good guys - helps us all to understand why most Americans are TOTALLY oblivious to our government's systemic military aggression all across DaWorld - it's a FREAKING business! So it needs to be continuously propagated by propaganda from all institutions, including our churches - that is how deeply we have been corrupted - when we not only meekly accept this crap, we've become cheerleaders!
Now here's DaRealSkinny - American foreign policy is NOT only NOT directed for the benefit of Americans - it is directed by NOT- Americans!
Who dat? If you don't understand - you will when the reckoning comes - and it will. Yes, evil does exist and it is headquartered in DC! - CL)

Russia issues a pair of very clear warnings to the US about its continued provocations over Ukraine:

Two detachments of the Russian Army, along with three airborne units, are ready to act in the event tensions with the West escalate into full-blown fighting, Moscow announced on Tuesday following a surprise inspection of troops.

After paying a visit to the soldiers, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told journalists that the personnel met the standards required for the situation. “The troops have shown full readiness and ability to fulfill the tasks of ensuring the country’s military security,” he said. “Currently, these associations and formations are engaged in drills and exercises.”

Shoigu said that the redeployments had taken place “in response to the military activity of the alliance that threatens Russia.” The move comes amid escalating tension with the US-led NATO bloc and after bloody fighting in eastern Ukraine between Kiev’s forces and two breakaway republics....

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told journalists that there is “absolutely nothing” that requires the Americans’ presence near his country's Black Sea shore, accusing the White House of trying to provoke Moscow.

“Provocative in the literal sense of the word: they are testing our strength, playing on our nerves. They won't succeed,” he said, noting that Washington would also be better off staying away.

“It will be for their own good,” Ryabkov added, also dubbing Washington as Moscow's “adversary.” His use of the term marks a departure from Moscow’s usual manner of referring to the Americans as “partners.” He also accused Washington of “doing everything to undermine Russia's position in the international arena.”

The official's words come after the US told Turkey that two American warships would pass through the Bosporus Strait into the Black Sea next week.

It is often said that there is stupid, there is very stupid, and there is invade Russia stupid. The rule is very simple and straightforward. If your name is not "the Great Chingiss Khan", you do not invade Russia under any circumstances.

And especially not because a Jewish comedian holding political office is sufficiently ignorant of military matters to start a war on its borders. In Ukraine, Clownworld is not a metaphor, it is quite literally Clownworld.

Vladimir Putin has made it clear that Russia does not intend to fight its next war inside its borders. And I don't think he's referring to Ukraine either.

UPDATE: this doesn't bode terribly well.

The Russian navy will hold snap live-fire drills in the Black Sea today as the first of two US warships is expected to arrive, the military has announced. Two missile ships - the Graivoron and Vyshny Volochek - will take part in target practice alongside the missile hovercraft Samum, accompanied by the frigate Admiral Makarov and mine-sweeping ship Ivan Golubets, the Russian navy's Black Sea fleet command said.