Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Open Letter to a Friend Who “Tested Positive”…and Should Have Known Better – OffGuardian - by Jerry Bernini

 Dear Josef K,

Several weeks have passed since you told me that you “tested positive” for what was initially and briefly called Sars-CoV-2 and then quickly became the more euphonious and easier to remember Covid-19.

I was frankly surprised at the time, not that someone made this claim, but that you accepted that claim as fact. That person, whoever she or he was, possessed neither medical knowledge nor priestly power. He or she merely struck a certain pose and performed some hocus-pocus that passed for science.

Your belief did the rest.


While I realize that a frightening number of frightened citizens have been similarly “diagnosed” i.e., further frightened, I didn’t expect that you would join the cult of corona. I told you, and thought you already knew, that Kary Mullis, the inventor of the test they have used for a year now to engineer this panic, long ago said, unequivocally, that the test had zero validity as a diagnostic tool.

And I’m sure he’d be saying it now but for the fact that he passed away in the latter part of 2019, to the continued good fortune of William Henry Gates IIIAnthony Fauci, as well as the US, UK, and assorted other governments and the mainstream media (please see the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act regarding truth versus propaganda/public relations) and corporate entities that maintain their continued growth.

I will try to keep asides in check here, but I’d be remiss if I failed to mention recently deceased Tanzanian president John Magufuli, under whose stewardship the lives of ordinary, non-wealthy Tanzanians greatly improved.

He recently became an object lesson regarding what can happen to a leader who is influential and anti-vaccination and who questions the omnipresent Covid narrative, especially if the land over which he presides is rich in mineral deposits that powerful entities covet. “We’ll coup whoever we want,” Elon Musk proudly tweeted about another removed (but not murdered) leader. “Deal with it.”

When you told me about the test I was the proverbial deer in the headlights. But I explained, or tried to explain, that the test that they foisted upon you that day (you were at the time visiting your wife in a nursing home) was in fact the fraud behind the larger fraud called Covid-19. If there is no real, valid test, and there is none, then there is no specific disease. Period.

There’s nothing complicated or ambiguous here: no test equals no specific result. Please let that sink in. There is no boogieman now and there was none before. There is only the fear of one, this one, the one before, the one after.

There is no single illness loose in the big world, no existential threat to all homo sapien life on the planet. There is only the appearance of one. There is only fear, that tool of bullies, abusive husbands and boyfriends, as well as police, politicians and the interests they represent and protect, and in short, all entities and systems that have controlled via fear since long before we got here.

Cui bono remains the question that all should ask regarding any crime. Who profits? Government, its media and other corporate entities have profited mightily by way of all threats in the past, especially threats preceded by the aforementioned adjective “existential.” They profit from them in the present and will continue to profit from them in the looming future. Fear works and always has and has therefore remained the tool of choice.

That this well-engineered and orchestrated fear has become a full-blown, all-encompassing, generalized and obsessive one doesn’t make the object of that fear real. It only means that a staggering number are now consumed by what in the now quaint, slightly more sane past was given this name: paranoid delusion. This abiding fear is attached entirely to an erroneous perception. Only sanity can end it.

The needed prescription, therefore, is calm critical thought in mega-doses. And government intervention and corporate media are therefore now and forever counter-indicated.

Again, who profits? I don’t and you don’t. None of the nameless, faceless rabble, the civilians and/or collateral damage, profit. That is certain and should be clear. We’ve already spent almost twenty years, all of us, suspected of possible terrorist activity, and that suspicion long ago assumed the aura of original sin.

During a good part of that time we’ve been similarly instructed /conditioned to feel bad about the very act of exhaling carbon dioxide. That too has attained the status of mortal sin. How dare we do such a selfish and destructive thing? Stop and consider the socially engineered guilt woven into such a belief.


We haven’t talked since your “diagnosis.” That prompted me to write this message. It became far longer than I expected. I hope therefore that it contains something useful.

I have to begin with the current situation as well as the current population. Please note that the former could not exist without the latter. They are inextricably connected. A = A. In formal logic this is known as the law of identity. A thing can only be what it is. I’m bending that law slightly to suit this absurd situation but I think you get my point.

Someone told me years ago, quite calmly and quietly as I recall, that the US of A was nothing more than a highly successful experiment in mind control. I thought at the time he was right. Now I’m certain. Only a mind-controlled and irrational population can believe, and believe is the active verb here, in a single, overarching and overwhelming threat that does not in fact exist.

Only an irrational population continues to put its faith in those who devised and declared this and every other emergency or threat. And only an irrational, thoroughly mind-controlled population remains unaware of the danger implicit in placing the construct called government (or authority or the state) above, as opposed to below, the deity known as God.

I’m aware of course that some among us do not believe in God. But most who do not hold or profess such belief nonetheless render godlike power to government, which is simply another word for force. And that government, relying entirely upon force and manipulation has now assumed the status of an angry and vengeful Old Testament God.

I thought that you, being a God-fearing, Bible-reading Christian would recognize this. I’ve long suspected that people believe more deeply in government than God. It’s safe to say that this theory is now proven and we should have the courage and integrity at this point to recognize that Government is the Prime Mover and god only a secondary or tertiary character. There would be some dignity in at least admitting this.

I have three or perhaps four friends on this earthly plane. It’s almost tempting to maintain the fiction that I have a few more. I could if I believed that the neighbors and other strangers who addressed me by name on the sidewalks and streets in this vicinity were akin to friends and/or if I confused virtual friends with actual friends.

If I did I could just as easily believe that a virtual plague was a real one. But I adopted a rule when this farce began more than a year ago that I would not respond to or even acknowledge anyone who spoke to me through a mask. I know I would find it worse, meaning mentally unhealthy, to talk to anyone who has drifted as far from reality as so many now have.

It’s incomprehensible on the one hand and flagrantly obvious on the other that a huge swath of the population has sheepishly adjusted to a nonhuman and flagrantly insane manner of living and behaving. That they performed this feat so easily remains shocking to me. What happened to raging against the dying of the light?

How have so many acquiesced to a way of life that is artificial and absurd and can only become more so? How does anyone, let alone millions, become so hypnotized and lost?

The answer to all such rhetorical questions is: it was easy.

What good fortune it is for governments that the people do not think.”
Adolf Hitler

Because I know you to be a thinking person, it surprised me when you told me, four and a half weeks ago, that you had been successfully diagnosed, meaning successfully deceived. Each diagnosis of “Covid” is only that, a successful deception. I’m not saying that your concern, fear, worry, or panic were not real. I’m saying that the cause and object of those emotional responses isn’t.

Your tone at the time told me that you truly believed it. It was not the knowledge of something bad. It was a belief. You sounded stricken. It’s entirely fair to say that you were in the midst of a government-sanctioned panic attack. But as I said earlier I was surprised that you chose to tell me of all people.

I guess this proved beyond question that you have no idea who I am, what I know and for that matter have apparently heard nothing I’ve said or written. I have always expressed myself clearly regarding this and other examples of hysteria, “catastrophic climate change,” and the Sandy Hook event among them. But it is apparently the case. It’s as though all those exchanges went instantly down the memory hole. Or perhaps you were simply not listening.

I have never lacked empathy, that quality that I’m told separates some of us from the psychopaths who “rule” us and the morally absent order followers who give them the power to do so. If you had truly contracted a frightening disease, I would certainly have felt empathy and offered sympathy. But you had simply contracted fear.

You had by way of a deceptive test/ritual adopted a delusion, and while I know that some delusions may be benign, this one is dangerous, destructive and deadly to the world at large. It has become, been allowed to become, a moral, intellectual, and economic cancer.

So much for what was, what recently occurred. Let’s move on to the is of this matter, to the thornier question of what in the world is happening.

For the short answer I’ll defer to Leonard Cohen, for whom we both, as would-be poets, have some degree of regard. “I’ve seen the future,” he wrote and sang, “and it’s murder.” Some of us, and apparently we are few, recognize this and in fact feel it deeply, to the extent that we walk around with a nagging sick feeling in our respective guts.

Why, someone or anyone might ask, are we only a few? Because it is always the few who see what’s happening beyond the specific bread and circuses of the time, place and epoch they happen to inhabit.

There was August Landmesser, for example, the solitary man in that German crowd who refused to salute Der Fuhrer. And Henry David Thoreau, who openly opposed both slavery and the invasion of Mexico. And the nameless citizens in Rome who opted not to attend the games in the Colosseum. They existed throughout the centuries but were always the exception as opposed to the rule. I’m not saying that truth or wisdom should be the secret of a few. I’m saying that it invariably seems to work out that way.

Although your belief in this deadly fraud initially surprised me, I realized soon after I put down the phone those weeks ago that it should not have. I had somehow forgotten that you have for years been ingesting certain prescribed pharmaceuticals that “correct” your “chemical imbalance,” an imbalance that does not actually exist. It remains the holy grail of psychopharmacology and yet it was never found. I learned this from psychiatrist Dr Thomas Szasz and other rational and ethical psychiatrists. This means that your recent fraudulent diagnosis is your second baseless diagnosis.


It’s worth noting that regarding other significant matters you’ve demonstrated the ability to think with clarity and reason. You know better, and have said as much, regarding the official narrative of September 11, 2001.

You likewise understood the true nature of the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK. And you know about the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, an event about which most North Americans remain completely and, I suppose, blissfully unaware. Here, by the way, is an interesting aside: back in that same American year (1967) nearly half the adult population of this country smelled a rodent regarding the JFK assassination.

If I’m not mistaken, you and I even spoke once or twice about CIA directive 1035-960, wherein the agency expressed great consternation regarding the fact that 46% per cent of Americans at the time didn’t believe what their government and its media told them about Kennedy’s murder. How we have apparently fallen.

That little memo contained the handy, thought halting phrases “conspiracy theories” and “conspiracy theorists,” which have remained to this day the prime salve for lazy minds and squeamish souls. It’s a window into the zeitgeist of that era that many normal walking around people were far more savvy and far less gullible than the current confederacy of dunces. I’m reminded every day by the sheer scale of the masked multitude, at least in this locale, that most have lost their minds and their way.

That I am among those who “get it” is something in which I take neither pride nor comfort. It’s only a routine matter, much like the fact that I am a physically small male of Italian-American descent from Paterson, NJ cursed with both poor eyesight and a certain amount of vision who made the mistake of being born in a country that has apparently become an unhinged empire.

I’m certain, because I see no evidence to the contrary, that we have crossed a line, a line that marks the point of no return. I fear, there’s that word again, that we have reached the ultimate technocratic objective: universal deception. At such a time, according to George Orwell, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

This places me in an uncomfortable and ambivalent position. I’m not cut out for the revolutionary life. I’m the quiet type. I don’t like confrontation. I’m no Che Guevara on the one hand or Ghandi on the other. I’m just a guy who sees what’s happening. But the facts remain and they are inviolable.

“Facts are stubborn things”, said John Adams, “and whatever be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they [our emotions] cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

Flannery O’ Connor said (or wrote) this:

The truth doesn’t change according to our ability to stomach it.”

And The Good Book, the book that you value above all others, has meanwhile told you that the truth will set you, and us, free. If Pontius Pilate were here, and I believe he is in spirit, he might blandly ask again: “Truth, what is truth?” I would answer thus: it is what’s left when we discard all the lies. This is simple enough, but we are now here, steeped in daily deception presented as news.

I remember learning, in an Introduction to Philosophy course, that the ancients thought that to seek truth was a noble pursuit, a truly lofty goal. So, when all those years later I started hearing the word “truther,’ employed by mainstream outlets via their repeaters [sic] and parroted by their audiences, it said much about where we were and the road ahead. “Truther” is a word Orwell might have coined and included in the lexicon of Newspeak.

It proved my previous suspicions tragically correct in that it removed the last bit of wishful thinking I might otherwise have mustered or maintained. I knew then that I lived in a fully decayed culture, decayed and decadent, a population trapped in a state of extended childhood. We can’t say we weren’t warned. There have been signs along the way. Now we see what becomes of a person, country or world that does not care about truth. We have arrived at such a juncture.

Voices as varied Charlotte Iserbyt, John Taylor Gatto and comedian and astute observer George Carlin, et al, have observed that this decline of the American mind (and minds throughout much of the world) was engineered just as are most or all societal trends. The plan was then and is now to create a population of consumers, abject conformists and obedient, unquestioning order followers.

The mission succeeded long before the multitude started donning masks and, again, it was planned. I am not now nor have I ever been a coincidence theorist. The seismic events and massive changes of this or any other time are always planned.

The venerable NY Times has recently broadcast an ad proclaiming their allegiance to truth. Seeing that ad sickened me. This is not to single out that particular outlet from other mainstream sources. It could be the Washington Post, LA Times, The Guardian or The London Times, Daily Mail, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Sky News or the always superior sounding BBC. You will find occasional accuracy but scant little truth, at least not about anything important, especially now, from corporate media, or by clicking on Wikipedia, Snopes, or any of their posturing kind.

Likewise, you will not find it, for the most part, in American history textbooks. And now we are here, surrounded by a masked multitude afraid of what is no more than a hoax, albeit a truly murderous one, as well as a massive criminal fraud, and accepting “leadership” from psychopaths and eugenicists.

We are here, right now, in an age of both deception and hubris, seemingly trapped in it like vestiges of life in amber. The powers that shouldn’t be have been misleading, misdirecting, dis-informing and outright deceiving the multitude since before you and I separately arrived.

And apparently, those powers will be doing this with ease and impunity after you and I separately leave. And how did they acquire this power? They acquired it through the belief and support, emotional and financial, of the same multitude, now ludicrously masked for no reason other then the careful application of Skinnerian conditioning, Bernays style propaganda, the compliance of an unthinking populace and, as always, by force.

For a long time I kept saying to myself “They can’t be this stupid,” knowing more times than not that mind controlled and gaslighted might be more accurate appraisals.

I’m sure nearly all the wearers of masks possess more or less normal brains and I have great sympathy for those among us who do not. But I still keep literally saying it aloud. “They can’t be this stupid. It’s just not possible.”

Usually I speak the words only to myself, as a pilot might quietly say, as the airplane was about to crash into a mountain, “Damn,” in more or less the manner of “Hmm, so this is how it ends.”

At other times I find myself raising my voice a little, especially when I walk the local sidewalks and streets and see the masked multitude performing their various plandemic [sic] rituals, the mask raising, the curb seeking, the street crossing, and so on. At such times I just say “Of course, it could only have come to this.”

A population that chooses shiny toys and flickering screens over logic and critical thought could only arrive at this absurdly picturesque and tragicomic ending.

I wish you well. Buckle up. It’s going to be a long and rough ride. This epoch has only begun to unfold. One more thing: as I said at the start of this message, I won’t be contacting you further. I don’t know, meanwhile, how I’ll respond if I happen to meet you on a local sidewalk. I don’t imagine we will converse at length. There’s pretty much nothing to say at this point. But I doubt that I’ll even mutter a greeting if you’re donning a mask.

In that event I apologize in advance.


Jerry Bernini is a writer, photographer and craftsman in northern New Jersey. He is also an autodidact and a devout epistemologist. He can be reached at by email and through his Twitter.