Sunday, April 25, 2021

Vox Popoli: China attacks feminism

The reason that the smart money is on China is because, unlike the West, their leaders have been smart enough to see through the various ideologies that have been used to harm both them and the West. The Chinese frog has shaken off the scorpion, whereas the West angrily attacks anyone who suggests it take action in the interest of its own survival.

The Chinese Communist Party has been heavily censoring social media posts by feminists. While the CCP is synonymous with internet censorship, in this case, the stakes are even higher as the country’s ten-year census is nearing. What’s more, the census is suspected to show a decline in birth rates for the fourth consecutive year.

“In recent days, more than a dozen accounts used by feminists were deleted from the Weibo social-media platform as well as cultural-discussion site,” wrote the WSJ.

Weibo and are prominent social media platforms in the country. Weibo is more or less referred to as “Chinese Twitter” as it is also a microblogging platform built exclusively for the Chinese netizens. Both the social media platforms are subjected to heavy surveillance and censorship by the CCP.

A user wrote on Weibo about the declining birth rates and censorship, stating: “What are they afraid of? Are they afraid of more women waking up? Are they panicking when seeing the fertility rates and marriage rates?”

It sounds as if the Chinese are reacting swiftly to save their society and civilization by banning feminism, something that Americans should have done back in the 1970s once it became clear what the fruits of feminism, which is one of the few ideologies that is actually more evil than the German variant of national socialism and less functional than communism, were.

The first rule of societal survival is this: have children. Any ideology that stands in the way of the first rule is not going to last very long.