Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Vox Popoli: The ineptitude of imaginary politics

(Reality........yet to be understood by Conservatives. - CL)

A black man explains the inherent incompetence of conservatives who insist on basing their political strategies on ideology rather than the intrinsic tendencies of the various identity groups:

The truth is that victimhood is intertwined with the politics of black solidarity. Unless Republicans abandon the message of self-help, blacks will never perceive them as an attractive option to Democrats, and it is a waste of time for Republicans to specifically target black voters.

The 2020 election is a perfect example of this. Donald Trump marketed himself as a friend of black people, working strenuously to improve black economic conditions and perform many other services for the black community during his administration. Yet despite these efforts, Trump won only 14 percent of the black vote. Republicans are wasting their time by targeting specifically black voters....

Expecting blacks to disavow the cult of victimhood appears to be wishful thinking, and so the chances of Republicans earning a sizeable chunk of black support will likely remain slim. Thus, going after the black vote and expecting blacks to deviate from the tribal politics of racial solidarity seems to be merely a waste of time for Republicans.  

On average and in sum, blacks will abandon victimhood politics at the same time that women abandon solipsistic politics and Jews abandon Holocaustianity. These things will never happen because they are effective and in line with both a) the collective objectives of the identity group's leadership and b) the personal objectives of the average individual member of the identity group.

Refusing to acknowledge statistical realities and basing one's core strategies on the basis of one's ideals and what one imagines one would do if one were someone else is neither noble nor intelligent. It's delusional and solipsistic.

Ideology politics are imaginary politics

It is fascinating to hear a black man echo a red man's words that have led some to accuse the latter of being a white supremacist. It should be interesting to see if they reach the same conclusion about him.

The reality is that we all reap the benefits brought about by the rise of Western civilization. As such, the destruction of Western culture will not redound to the advantage of non-whites who abhor the West, nor to that of anyone else. Non-whites who fail to affirm this salient point are simply foolish.

He's absolutely correct. I suspect that he, too, is a fan of electricity and interior plumbing.