Friday, September 16, 2022

Americanism as Betrayal — Anglo-American Way vs the Jewish-American Way — Jewish-American Way over the American Way — The Shame of German-America and the Need to Revive Germanism, by Jung-Freud - The Unz Review


Jews have made sure that Jews don’t fight other Jews, neither in the West nor around the world. American History is one of betrayal from the beginning. Anglo-Colonists sided with the French and fought against the Mother Country and the loyal Anglo-Colonials. German-Americans were pressured to turn on Germany and fight and kill other Germans. Same with Italian-Americans. Japanese-Americans, though interned and dispossessed, volunteered to fight for America, even against Japan that had been baited by FDR’s administration into attacking the US navy. Muslim-Americans join the US military and drop bombs on other Muslims. Russian-Americans must kill Russians if the Jewish-controlled US declares war on Russia. Chinese-Americans must fight and kill Chinese if the Jewish-controlled US declares war on China. And so on. Whatever patriotism Russians feel for Russia in Russia, it evaporates almost immediately upon coming to America. Chinese may be patriotic in China but toss away Chinese Pride upon landing in US or Canada. They become insta-potential-traitors with loyalties switched to the new country.

Given America’s history of betrayal at the founding and the betrayals of immigrant groups against their countries of origin, Jews knew they could fall into the same pattern: Jewish-Americans being encouraged, cajoled, nudged, or badgered into working against Jews in other countries, or World Jewry. This is why Jews reacted so violently to the Red Scare. Though Joe McCarthy and HUAC didn’t turn their anti-communist campaign into a Jewish Issue, many who came under suspicion were Jews. The pressure on Jewish Americans to take a strong stand against International Communism could also turn against World Jewry, not least because Jews were vastly over-represented in radical movements worldwide, even with capitalist Jews working with socialist Jews at times for common tribal interests, e.g. over the Palestine Question. So, Jews took up the banner of civil liberties, which they didn’t really care about — look how Jews got the power now and do everything to suppress civil liberties and constitutional rights — , to go on the counter-attack against anti-communists who came to be smeared by Jewish-controlled media and Liberal Academia as ‘paranoid’ instigators of unfounded ‘witch hunts’.

One thing for sure, given America’s tireless sermonizing about ‘human rights’(which are often invoked as justification for US action), Israel would make an ideal target for US intervention on behalf of Palestinians(whose plight is many times more dire than that of Uighurs in China). Of course, Jews absolutely cannot tolerate such an outcome, one where their adopted country would be at war with Jews in some other part of the world and where All Good Jewish-Americans would be expected to stand with all decent Americans against Evil Israel, just like All Good German-Americans were expected to side with the US against their nation of origin, Deutschland. And so, Jewish-Americans spent tons of money and used their media monopoly, as well as Holocaust moral blackmail, to drum into American minds the mantra “Israel is our greatest ally, Israel is our greatest ally, Israel is our greatest ally…” to the point where it has become one of those truisms that no one even dares to question. They wake up and fall asleep with the mantra “Israel is our greatest ally” reverberating in their minds.

If something like a ‘civil war’ existed in the Jewish community, half the Jews would call on the US government to be fairer to Palestinians. Now, such Jews do exist but mostly on the bottom of the power totem-pole, not at the top where it really matters. In the commanding heights, both Neocon Jews and Neolib Jews are agreed that goyim must be drilled to repeat, “Israel is our greatest ally” like it’s their second nature.

The ‘Jewish Civil War’ scenario is a pipe-dream of people like Donald Trump and ‘conservatives’ who wish to pry away pro-Israel Jews away from anti-Israel Jews, but the truth is even most Democratic Jews, especially at the top, are totally pro-Zionist and make sure most Democrat goyim fall in line on the Middle East issue. Even Barack Obama’s Iran Deal wasn’t about going soft on the Islamic State but an attempt to splinter it apart from Russia and China. Also, it was highly successful in halting the uranium enrichment. Even most Jews who are critical of Israel only focus on the occupation of the West Bank, not the greater crimes Israel has committed against neighboring Arab countries in pursuit of the Yinon Plan. (Zionism has become Yinonism.) By the way, if Trump and the Evangelicals really believe that they, as Christians, care more about the Holy Land than Jews do, shouldn’t they go into Crusader mode and claim the Land for Christendom? What’s the point of supporting Jewish domination over the Holy Land when Israel has become Sodom and Gomorrah with massive ‘gay pride’ parades? How can any decent Christian support such desecration of the Holy Land? Given Israel’s deviltry with globo-homo, so-called Christian Zionists should really be called ‘christian sodomists’ because they honor the Tribe that chose to associate holiness with homo bungholes. If Arab Muslims/Christians had kept control over the Holy Land, such perversion would never have been allowed to sprout there.

Jewish hypocrisy is truly outrageous… but in a way, Jews are the most admirable group in the US because they alone among all the groups remained true and loyal to their deep origins. Jewish History is 3,500 yrs old whereas American History is a mere 250 yrs. The idea of prioritizing a new thin citizenship over a deep rich heritage is shallow. The idea of turning one’s back on a tribal community with a 3,500 yr pedigree in favor of a political proposition going back 250 yrs is for the birds or boy scouts. It also means being enticed by ‘money’ and ‘liberty’ to turn one’s back on a deep history and community. Sure, the US offered opportunities to newcomers, and immigrants should try to be good citizens and get along, but should one favor this ‘Americanism’ over one’s deeper identity and culture? Roots going back many centuries, even millennia, discarded in favor of a green card?

Now, consider the idiot German-Americans contra Jewish-Americans. Prior to World War I, they had their own communities. Many spoke German as well as English. They had German-language newspapers. They were proud of their German culture and identity. But World War I came along, and the Anglo-American elites persecuted the German-American community as disloyal. Anti-German campaigns broke out all across America. German-Americans were often suspected of treason or being ‘un-American’. They got cold feet and went out of their way to demonstrate their ‘patriotism’ before their vicious Anglo-American persecutors.

But it was neither Germany nor German-Americans that were guilty of treachery. It was the Anglos in UK and US. Germany didn’t want war with UK, which could easily have stayed out, in which case the war would have been over in less than a year with German victory over France and Russia. But Anglo-Brits were paranoid about German power and aided the French. It led to countless and needless deaths. Germany was forced to fight UK. It was the UK that entered a war that wasn’t theirs. That was the real treachery. (And I don’t want to hear about UK siding with fellow democratic France against autocratic Germany. UK and France were allied with far more autocratic Russia.)

But even worse were the Anglo-American elites. If Germany didn’t want war with UK, it most absolutely didn’t want war with the US. And German-Americans were loyal to both their mother country and to the US, which they rightly saw as having no good reason to enter the war against Germany. So, neither Germany nor German-Americans were anti-American. Rather, it was the Anglo-American elites who joined with Anglo-Brits in their deranged Anti-Germanism. It was they who manipulated events so that Germany and US would butt heads. It was they who acted with treachery and disgraced Americanism by promoting Anti-Germanism as a precondition for ‘patriotism’, just like Americanism in the current year requires us to hate on Russia, Iran, & China and kicking Palestinians in the teeth(because Jews as ruling elites want it that way). But back then, the Anglo-Americans were the ruling elites with the power to sway the sucker masses, and so war fever took off, and it became the most fervently ‘patriotic’ thing to hate on Germany and to pressure German-Americans to abandon German culture & identity and become mindless minions of the Anglo-American empire and march off to war to kill their own ethnic brethren.

Jews know of this history, of how the weak identities of goyim meant that immigrant-goyim could easily be manipulated to go fight and murder their own ethnic brethren in the home countries.

So far, there have been two kind of Americanisms:

1. The Anglo-American way is for all newcomers and immigrants to become ‘good Americans'(defined by ruling elites) and turning against their nations of origin. Even though this required non-Anglo immigrants to speak English and adopt social norms rooted in English tradition, it also entailed Anglo-Americans favoring a comprehensive Americanism over their own racial-tribal identity. Non-Anglos would adopt certain Anglo ways while Anglos would drop their Anglo identity and just become ‘American’.

2. The Jewish-American way is for all newcomers and immigrants to become friends of Israel and the loyal puppets of the Jewish ruling elites. Immigrant politicians are more likely to pontificate about their love of Israel than for their own countries or cultures of origin. So, while all goy groups must favor Jew-SA over their own tribal identities, Jewish-America’s main loyalty is allowed to remain with World Jewry and Israel. Indeed, from the Jewish perspective, America is so great and awesome not because it treats all groups the same way but because it makes all goy groups the same in favoring Jews and Israel uber alles. If Anglo-Americans melded with non-Anglos who melded into the Greater America, Jewish-Americans remain outside the melting pot, which is stirred to turn all goyim into kosher soup. Thus, so-called ‘multi-culturalism’ was a fraud. It wasn’t about each identity favoring its own above others but all identities favoring Jews(and blacks and homos) over not only whites but their own. If Democrats are truly ‘multi-cultural’, how many of them would praise an Iranian-American for siding with Iran, his mother country, over Israel and Jewish-supremacist interests? Zilch and nada.

The Anglo-American Way(1) is now useless, especially because WASPS betrayed their own principles. The very people, who had pressured German-Americans, Italian-Americans, and Japanese-Americans to turn against their own tribal-ethnic origins in the name of ‘patriotism’, ended up handing elite levers of power over to the group that most resolutely refused to turn their backs on their own kind around the world. Yes, the Jews.

So, how do you like that? Anglo-Americans had been telling all newcomers to change their loyalty from their mother countries to the new country on the basis of freedom, democracy, and patriotism; after all, Anglo-colonists had done just that in the founding of America when they worked with Monarcho-France to overthrow British rule in the colonies. But if this was the Iron Logic of Americanism, why didn’t Anglo elites make sure Jews conformed to it as well? Given that Jews refused to, why did Wasps pass their power to the Tribe, the very people who most defied the rules of Americanism? Ironically, Anglo-American Way ended up handing the top prize to the very group that did most to defile the Iron Law of Anglo-Americanism.

Of course, one may argue that the biggest rule of Americanism really boiled down to winner-takes-all; and Jews being smarter, stronger-willed, more united, and more devious, just happened to beat out the Anglos. To be sure, Jews used trickery, often reviling the Anglos for their ‘racism’ and failure to live up to universal ideals of equality, thus lending the impression that greater Jewish Power would lead to a more colorblind and just system for all.

Well, fast forward to today, and Americanism is all about blind support of Zionist Wars, Jewish Supremacism, dehumanization of Palestinians, and anti-Russian hysteria. It is also about homos uber alles as Jews regard ‘gays’ as their closest allies and agents. Homos are bored with ‘gay rights’ and now demand Gay Rites as the new mass cult. It also means blacks, as profitable and symbolic assets of Jews, get to romp around and rob & beat up people while White America kneel before the portraits of George Floyd. The Jewish Media hardly cover stories of the victims of black thuggery; they might as well be Palestinians in the West Bank. Some equality.

If the Anglo-American Way is toast, what about the Jewish-American Way(2) that currently serves as orthodoxy? It totally sucks because it’s about shabbos goyim groveling at the feet of Jews. It’s embarrassing. Jews are praised for their tribalism or putting Jewishness uber alles, BUT goyim would be reproached for even thinking to favor their deeper identity over the New Americanism that isn’t even about generic citizenism but about how all must bow down before Zion and hate whatever that happens to be on the Jewish shit-list. Hate Russia and Iran! Turn your back on the Palestinians! Who cares about all those dead Arabs/Muslims from the Wars for Israel? And maybe China is also on the shit-list, so hate it too!

Any goy who falls for this is an idiot.

So, is there a Third American Way? Yes. It calls upon all groups to emulate the Jews, at least to a degree, and favor their own deep identities and histories over the Anglo-American Way(now defunct as Anglos betrayed their own principles by sucking up to ultra-tribal Jews) and over the Jewish-American Way(that hypocritically says Jews get to favor Jewishness uber alles while all goy groups must put Jewish-controlled Americanism over their own identities and cultures).

The only way forward is for American goy groups to rediscover and reconnect with their own roots and kind. So, if you’re Russian-American, choose Russia over Jewish-dominated US. If you’re Iranian, choose Iran over the Jew-SA. If you’re Chinese, favor China over US as the Zion King. If you’re Mexican, the hell with gringos-who-cuck-to-Jews. (Or should it be ‘gringx’ since it went from ‘Latino’ to ‘Latinx’?)

As for the German-American community, it must revive what was so rudely interrupted and forsaken during World War I. Bring back German language, culture, pride, and heritage. And rewrite the World War I narrative. It wasn’t Germany and German-Americans who turned against the Anglo World but vice versa… with grave consequences for all the world. Anglos must bear blame for their perfidy, especially against their racial cousins. German-Americans must first and foremost become Germans uber alles.

And if any milquetoast conzo or libby-dib whines, “But what about colorblind Americanism?”, just ask the idiot, “If you care about Americanism as a universal proposition, why does it revolve around Jewish Supremacism?”

For Anglo-America to have handed the throne to ultra-tribalist Jews but then insist that “all goy groups must favor generic colorblind Americanism over their own tribalism” is truly rich in irony, hypocrisy, and cravenness toward Zion. If they really believe this, they should begin with Jews who are the premier violators of the principle. But current Americanism is a stupidism that is incapable of saying what must be said.