Saturday, September 17, 2022

How Long Will Europeans and Americans Stay STUCK ON STUPID? Actually BEYOND STUPID!

Suicide is not Murder - Vox Popoli

If the Europeans want to starve and freeze themselves, how is that Russia’s problem? How is that Russia’s fault?
At the very least, prices are going to rise everywhere on the majority of goods. I continue to predict that US gas prices at the pump will climb to around $7 a gallon on average. Propane and other heating commodities will rocket beyond previous highs.....
......Civil unrest in Europe is assured. Similar conditions are already brewing in the states, but it’s hard to say if Europe’s problems will trigger public anger here. More price inflation might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but this is unlikely until mass layoffs start later this year and into 2023. It takes time for the public to realize things are not going to return to normal.
Why is all this happening? SIMPLE!

You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you - and it’s coming! (The economic side is already here.)

Our model has ALWAYS picked up the shifts in capital flows that precede war.

It pains me to have to even write this today. But clearly, those who understand where this is going is World War III and make no mistake about it – this is INTENTIONAL!........

.....Those who refuse to recognize evil, or who cannot do so, will be defeated by it, no matter how smart or how Christian or how good they happen to be. As Sun Tzu observes, the way to ensure defeat is to neither know yourself nor your enemy...........

.........The most important lesson is to recognize evil and refuse to compromise with it. If after the fact you realize you have been duped, withdraw your consent immediately.