Thursday, September 1, 2022

The Apple Eaters - Vox Popoli

 This is part of what apparently is supposed to pass for a Boomer’s attempted defense of his generation on Gab:

You don’t like other groups of people because you’ve been trained that way. You are a wage slave, because you were trained to be one. You are broke because you rely on monsters to provide for you. You are ignorant, because someone told you you’re way way way smarter than everyone else. You are weak, because you think that your potty mouth and ability to repeat memes makes you strong. You take your notions of “strength” from films about cartoon characters.

Boomers were never trained to hate and disrespect our elders. They tried, but we didn’t buy it. We are the last generation to respect and honor our elders, and view them as the treasures that humanity has always valued them as. We were mind controlled, but not as badly as you are, and we know things and can tell you things. That’s why you’re trained to dismiss us at best, hate us at worst. Most go all in.

Hating on old people is the hobby of the new and improved Non Boomer generations. It’s a known strategy for a strong society. Very smart, extremely cool, and adorably trendy!!

I know, I know, I know. But the CEO of Based immediately addressed that.

You guys were the first generation to be Mass mind controlled yet you think the hippy movement was organic and you still celebrate it. That was the CIA getting you to bite the apple of temptation which you all did universally. It’s astonishing how easy it was. They laugh about it.

Didn’t grow up to hate your elders? You stuffed them in nursing homes and fought with your brothers and sisters over the inheritance. Almost universally. Destroying families. None of you people got along or let go of sibling grudges and are the number one reason families are so shattered. Do you remember big family gatherings? Birthday parties with your cousins? Graduation parties where the entire extended family would gather? I sure as fuck do, but that all stopped when the greatest generation (my grandparents) died off because you selfish, arrogant boomers couldn’t fucking get along. Almost universally. You failed to pass ANYTHING on. Universally.

Even with the internet you guys can’t see that you were psy oppd into oblivion. The things you guys blindly went along with is actually horrific. You still watch tv and are the only demographic that keeps COMCAST/NBC etc alive. You people still pay a lot of money every month to brainwash yourselves and you think my generation is crazy for not doing so. Talk about not having a leg to stand on? You people literally can’t stop watching tv.

Nobody is “blaming” you necessarily for all these things but the fact you guys universally deny it and hate your own children for snapping out of the brainwashing is incredible. Your entire generation universally cheered at the flooding of our country with hostile invaders so you could have cheap labor, and economically replaced your own children for stonks. It’s long past time for you people to at least stfu and get out of our way so we can fix this hellish mess you guys created.

Idgaf that you didn’t have the internet back then. Just look at people like Madeline Albright, Bush 1, Kissinger etc. How tf did you guys look at these people and hear their words and not see total evil? You guys went along with all of it and you think it’s a great American value to do so. Something very dark happened to your generation and it shows more and more everyday.

Exactly. We understand why the Boomers became so awful, we understand that they were under assault from their teenage years on, we’re just not interested in listening to them anymore. It’s not just that we don’t want to listen to their constant attempts to excuse themselves and their inadvertent demolition of American society, we don’t want to hear them yammering on and on about anything.

Boomer, it’s time to go. Or at the very least, be quiet and follow obediently. Your day is done. You changed the world. And now we have to fix it.

He who cannot admit the evils of the past will never be able to confront the evils of the present. And anyone who defends the evils of the present, for any reason, is not on the side of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.