Sunday, September 4, 2022

Instead of Saying "Anti-White Racism," Conservatives Should Just Say "Anti-White", by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review


“Racism” is a word that should really just not be used ever again by anyone on the right.

Recently, people on the right, led by Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and others, have started referring to the Democrats as “racist” for being anti-white. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it’s confusing and pointless. If you’re talking about an anti-white agenda, you should just say “anti-white.” People assume that when you say “racism,” you are talking about white people hating someone. And if you specify “anti-white racism,” then it’s just redundant. The term “anti-white” works best.

There is a history here of right-wingers calling the Democrats “racist” which needs to be considered.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there was something called “the racism of low expectations” that was pushed by the National Review and other conservatives. This is now pushed by people like Candace Owens. The basic idea is that Democrats assume that black people are chronic failures, and therefore merit has to be removed as a factor in society. The argument is not totally without merit. It is a fact that blacks are going to always achieve less than whites, due to lower IQ, but it’s also true that blacks would be doing a lot better if you made them work. Welfare has contributed to the collapse of the black family, and affirmative action policies prevent blacks from trying very hard.

However, the fact is, blacks demand free stuff, so the Democrats are pandering to the blacks by giving them what they are demanding. Given that the term “racism” implies hatred or at least discrimination, it doesn’t really work. In this context, instead of saying “Democrats are the real racists,” you would be better off saying “Democrat policies are not actually helping black people.” You can cite the collapse of the black family, the drugs, the violence, the poverty – all of which got much worse due to these pandering policies. But to claim that “racism” is the driving factor here is just dishonest. In reality, they are giving blacks what they are demanding so that blacks will vote for them.

Most ridiculously, you have the Indian Dinesh D’Souza, who pushes a narrative that is just a total and complete lie – that the entire Democrat Party – at least their leadership, and maybe all white Democrats – are secretly in the KKK and want to hurt and kill black people, because they hate their skin color. It is a reference to a kind of racism that does not even exist at all, which right-wingers are accused of constantly: wanting to hurt people for no reason other than blind, pointless hatred. D’Souza just takes the dumb narrative of the left about right-wing racism and inverts it. There are many different problems with this, primarily that it is just a lie. Most seriously, it promotes the idea that there is such a thing as “hating the color of the skin,” which is not actually real.

No one is “racist” because they hate someone’s skin color. “Racist” is typically just an insult for white people. Calling a white person “racist” is like calling a black person “nigger.” And Dinesh D’Souza, a brown-skinned person, is referring to whites when he says this. It’s actually offensive, regardless of the fact that he’s targeting Democrats.

Dinesh has never been smart, but he’s been able to get by on his good looks and charm.
Dinesh has never been smart, but he’s been able to get by on his good looks and charm.

He goes way down the rabbit hole with this, into a bunch of stuff that is actually nonsensical, and just meant to cause confusion. He points out that Southern Democrats were associated with the KKK. That is true, but that is before LBJ figured out that you could use welfare entitlements to get the blacks to vote for Democrats indefinitely. It’s not really more complicated than that. We’ve seen in our lifetime that working class whites have switched from being primarily Democrat to primarily Republican. Sometimes, due to policy and strategy of the parties, the demographics of party allegiances change.

Claiming that the current Democrat Party secretly hates blacks, while they are doing everything for blacks, making them the center of political life, promoting all of these race hoaxes, letting them out of prison, giving them free everything, and so on – this is truly opposite world. Republicans are “racists” according to the way the word is used, because they don’t support infinite welfare, affirmative action, letting blacks commit murder, and so on. When Democrats call Republicans “racist,” they are saying “you don’t support giving blacks everything they are demanding,” and they are right in that. That’s what’s actually going on. Democrats falsely imply that the reason Republicans don’t want to let all blacks out of prison to commit murder is that they hate the color of their skin, but that should be easily dismissed as nonsensical.

I wrote this satire piece a while ago: After Hit “Dems are Real Racists” Film, Disney Signs Dinesh D’Souza for Film Series on Things That are the Opposite of Themselves

Dinesh D’Souza has gone so far as to go back and point out that Andrew Jackson was a Democrat, and denounce him as a racist. It just makes my skin crawl to have this alien in my country insulting my nation’s historical heroes. It’s beyond the pale, really.

He also says weird nonsense like that the Nazis were Democrats because they called themselves “National Socialist.” Obviously, “socialist” was just a buzzword at the time, like “democracy” is now, and the Nazis just used that word as a branding strategy. Claiming that the Nazis were left-wing is just confusing, and anyone who actually believes the things that Dinesh D’Souza says is not going to be able to understand anything.

Today, I saw that on his BitChute channel, he posted a clip of Joe Biden’s speech this week denouncing all Republicans as fascists, and called it “BIDEN GOES FULL RACIST IN NEW SPEECH.” The clip shows Biden saying that black people are good at basketball.

 Video Link

What does it do to the understanding of a person in this country to believe that Joe Biden is a KKK member who wants to kill blacks, and the proof is that he said blacks are good at basketball?

D’Souza says this stuff every day – he is not banned, so he just floods the internet with his gibberish. Anyone who would question it is banned. Two days ago, he said that if Joe Biden met Benito Mussolini, he would find him to be “an ideological soulmate.”

What does it mean???

During the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, D’Souza said that the blacks who were rioting were loyal to Nazi Germany, and that BLM was a white racist movement.

This guy says this stuff constantly – just stuff that you can’t even believe anyone would say. It is like schizophrenic babble. And they let him on Fox News to say it.

What D’Souza is doing is running a scam, exploiting the power that has been put into this word “racist.”

Using the word “racism” is never going to provide clarity. It has all of these different meanings to different people. The only kinds of “white racism” that actually exist are:

  • White people wanting to be left alone and thinking their country belongs to them
  • White people thinking that blacks shouldn’t get free everything and a free pass to commit crimes, and should be subjected to the same standards as everyone else

As I said, “anti-white racism” is real in the sense that a lot of brown people and Jews really do just hate white people and want to kill them. That’s true. But the word “racism” is so tainted by confusion that it should be discarded, and instead we should say “anti-white.”

Words have power, and people like Dinesh D’Souza have ruined the phrase “Democrats are the real racists.” Democrats are indeed the “real racists” insofar as they legitimately hate white people, but it costs nothing to simply say “Democrats hate white people.”

This whole “calling out hypocrisy by calling them the same thing they call you” is dumb. Just say the thing.