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Jewish Power Strategy contra Chinese Power Strategy — The Jewish Advantage of Using both the STRONG HORSE and the SACRED COW — US Dollar Supremacy in Money and Jewgromo Shekel Supremacy in Morality, by Jung-Freud - The Unz Review


Jewish Power knows that money power isn’t enough. And military power isn’t enough either. Jews have plenty of money, and the Jewish-controlled US military is by far the most powerful — Jews control the whore-politicians who order the generals to threaten or attack nations hated by Zionists. Jews have the Strong Horse of money and military power. But to seal the deal, Jews know they also need the Sacred Cow of holiness and righteousness. Indeed, this is where China has failed. China has built up a modern military. Though still dwarfed by US military might, it is a great regional power and growing stronger. Also, China has spread a lot of money around, like Japan in the 1980s. So, China has been growing in Strong Horse capacity. But recently, the Chinese are discovering it’s not enough as they’re coming under even more condemnation that befell the Japanese in the 80s.

It’s true enough that people tend to go with the Strong Horse. But Strong Horse alone offers no moral protections unless matched with the Sacred Cow. If forced to choose between Money Power and Moral Prestige, one will generally choose the latter. (Of course, Moral Prestige is usually associated with Money Power. Would Jews enjoy so much moral sanctity if not for their vast wealth and influence? Besides, Moral Prestige isn’t the same as true morality. Rather, it is the advantage of officially sanctioned ethos. In communist nations, Marxism-Leninism had moral prestige. So, even as China can wield money power, its lack of moral prestige can lose friends who dread damage to their reputations by association. Chinese money is nice but not so much if tainted with what is hyped as Chinese vice. It’s like the Corleones in THE GODFATHER were tempted with narcotics trade but said NO because of the risk to their reputation. As Vito Corleone said, the politicians would not be his friends if he traded in drugs than merely controlled gambling and the unions. If China is made the bogeyman in a New Cold War, US politicians who’d been chummy with the Chinese will wash their hands and join in the chorus of anti-Chinese rhetoric. If it could be done to Japan, a US ally in the 1980s, it can be done with far greater magnitude against ‘communist’ China.)

This is where Jewish Power and Chinese Power are different. Jewish Power grew dominant in money and politics, but if Jews learned one thing from history, it’s that they need the protection of Sacred Cow power. When Europe was proudly Christian, the Sacred Cow was with Jesus and His flock. If anything, Jews were seen as the Killers of Christ. They were dirty rats than sacred cows. So, even as Jews gained Money Power as merchants, they had little moral protection. The Jewish Strong Horse of big money could win over goy aristocrats, but there was no guarantee of deep loyalty. Suddenly, Jews could be exiled by treacherous goy elites(who couldn’t pay back loans to Jews) or attacked by mobs who felt exploited by Jews. And so, especially after World War II, Jews made sure that their Strong Horse of money and privilege would have the moral protection of the Sacred Cow: Shoah-Worship or Holocaustianity as the new faith of the West. In the US, we can berate the rich and condemn the 1% in the name of the 99%, but Jewish power cannot be named. Why? Jews are well-represented in the 1%, but we must pretend they’re just rich WHITE people. So, even as rich people and ‘white privilege’ can be targeted, Jews mustn’t be mentioned no matter how rich they are. Thus, the Jewish Strong Horse has Sacred Cow protection. If you dare mention Jewish Power and its dark implications, you are purged as an ‘Anti-Semite’ and potential ‘Nazi’, a total no-no.

In contrast, look how Japan and China fared in the American debate. Japan was on the up-and-up in the 1980s. It was flush with cash, and Shintaro Ishihara boasted of a “Japan That Can Say No”. Japan seemed a Strong Horse then and attracted much attention, admiration and anxiety. But it also came under heavy criticism and scrutiny, even condemnation. Japan had no Sacred Cow protection, so it was fair game to bash the Japanese. Indeed, Strong Horse power paradoxically undermines itself. While influence and favors can be bought with lotsa money, they also draw negative attention, criticism, and hostility. The more money is used to buy influence, the more suspicion it arouses.

Furthermore, influence bought with money is purely a matter of ‘business’. Any partnership based on ‘business’ can vanish overnight. It used to be a national pastime in goy nations to call attention to Jewish Power buying favors from turncoat gentiles. The more money Jews spent, the more they were called out as financial manipulators. So, buying influence and favors was like a double-edged sword. Jews bought off goy elites but could also be called out as ‘dirty Jews’. Also, even goy elites who were bought off felt dirty & compromised and might turn on the Jew at any opportune moment. It was only with the Holocaust Theology following World War II that the Jewish Strong Horse of money had the protection of the Sacred Cow of holy victimhood. Today, Jews are more corrupt than ever, but NO ONE dares to call out on the Jews. Jews ram Donald Trump in the arse, but his response is, “Can I suck your d*** stained with my own shi*?”

Compared to the Jews, Chinese are rank amateurs. Global Hillbillies really. Chinese made some serious cash in the past two decades, and they are now going about it like the Japanese in the 1980s. They brazenly seek influence by throwing money around. Of course, it often goes a long way as people all over the world are eager to take money. It’s like the guy in IDIOCRACY says, “I like money.”

So, money should never be underestimated. But partnerships based on money are shaky and unstable. It’s not like the bond within the family. Chinese nationalists feel a sense of unity and loyalty that goes beyond money. While plenty of Chinese are selfish enough to sell their own nation for thirty pieces of silver — Hong Kong Chinese collaborated with ‘foreign devils’ in the subjugation and exploitation of China — , there are Chinese patriots whose relation to the motherland isn’t simply about money or self-interest. It’s like there’s a difference between ‘personal’/’family’ bonds and ‘business’ interests in THE GODFATHER. It’s why Michael Corleone feels especially betrayed by Fredo, a family member.

Chinese got to thinking that they could spread lots of cash around and buy influence in the West. They didn’t learn the lesson of Japan in the 1980s. The more influence the Japanese bought, the more they were exposed as alien influence-peddlers. Westerners who took Japanese money were derided as ‘Japanhandlers’. When public opinion turned against Japan, one’s reputation suffered as a ‘Japanhandler’. Being bought off by the Japanese led to short-term gain but could mean long-term loss. The money was good but at the risk of being castigated as a whore of yellow peril. Jewish Hollywood even made RISING SUN based on Michael Crichton’s novel. (It was like JAP SUSS modeled on Veit Harlan’s JEW SUSS.)

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And now, we are seeing a similar implosion of Chinese influence in the West, especially in the Anglosphere of US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Chinese used big money to gain influence, but it only exposed them to China-bashers calling out on the ‘Chi-Coms’. (East Asians, not a very verbal people, often settle issues with money, and this comes across as underhanded in Western eyes. In contrast, Jews not only pay but have much to say, thereby coming across as more justified and righteous in what they do. Chinese only bribe, whereas Jews follow up the bribe with the diatribe to morally intimidate potential critics of Jews.)

There is a limit to what the Strong Horse of money can do. Cash Cow isn’t enough. It can gain entry but is resented as a usurper. Besides, even as China has the Strong Horse of money, its military capability is still far behind that of US that virtually owns Taiwan and other ‘Asian Tiger’ nations as neo-protectorates. US got both the bigger carrot and the bigger stick. So far, Chinese can only buy influence with money, and it goes a long way but not all the way. Indeed, the Chinese Strong Horse is now being exposed as a Trojan Horse.

In the case of Australia, all the influence-peddling with money seems to have done more harm than good. Initially, China gained key access down under, but it also drew negative attention from the US(that can tolerate China as an economic power but not as a world player) and ordinary Aussies who feel their nation is being sold out to the Chinese. Furthermore, anti-Chinese bashing serves as an outlet for growing white frustration resulting from Politically Correct taboos against criticism of Jews and blacks(and homos). Therefore, because whites must always suck up to Jewish Power(that is hostile to white identity & interests), grovel before blacks(who commit lots of crime and violence against whites), and homos(who degrade culture and morality), they are desperate to release their frustrations on something. As there is no taboo against bashing China, many whites blame the ‘Chi-Coms’ for everything. It’s like Alex Jones in the US got deplatformed by Jews but howls about the Chinese 24/7. And even as Rush Limbaugh praised Walmart as a model of American Enterprise, he dumped on the ‘Chi-Coms’. Never mind Walmart’s success owes to its contract with China. Go easy on US corporations and just blame the Chinese.

The Covid Hysteria seems largely the result of Chinese and Jews. The virus might have originated in China, maybe due to government neglect. But, it was blown all out of proportion by the Western Media and governments because Jewish Power found it useful to undermine Trump’s economy(thereby ruining his prospects for re-election) and to grab statist power to suppress populist movements and political activism(unless it happened to be Jewish-favored ones like BLM marches and Antifa mayhem). Nazis associated with germs & pathogens with Jewish influence, and Jewish Power’s use of Covid Hysteria has created the illusion that Trumpism & Era of Nationalist Populism = Disease and Plague.

So, both China and Jewish Power are responsible for Covid being hyped as a ‘pandemic’. But, notice China is getting all the blame. Even Biden-voters blame China for Covid. China gets all the blame while Jews get no blame(even though Jewish Power blocked early attempts by Donald Trump to restrict travel between China and US and also hyped it all out of proportion to shut down entire sectors). Jews remain blameless whereas China is blamed for the ‘China Virus’. So, even though Chinese played the junior partner alongside Jews against Trump and his supporters, they are getting almost all the blame.

At any rate, the terms of the Jewish-Chinese alliances is such that the Chinese do the bidding of Jews but also serve as the Fall Guy while the Jew goes unblamed. If a Jew and a Chinese plotted to steal honey from bees, the Jew would tell the Chinese to go at the bee hive. Both would get the honey, but the Chinese guy would also get the stings while the Jew would only get the honey. Chinese seem to think that their partnership with Jews will lead to Jews defending China, but that’s naivete on their part. Japan during WWII treated Jews well in the hope that Jewish-Americans would feel grateful and intercede on its behalf, but it was misplaced hope. Jews invented the atomic bomb that blew up Japan. Likewise, Chinese are foolish if they think Jews will offer them protection in exchange for Chinese helping out the Jews. No, even as Jews take full advantage of the Jewish-Chinese partnership against whites, they expose China as the culprit because the bulk of Western anger at globalism will be directed toward the Chinese than to the Jews(who are its real architects and captains).

Basic strategy seems as follows. So-called ‘Liberal’ Jews work with Chinese to undermine American Nationalism. Of course, Jews support their own nationalism, Zionism, and their own tribal identity/interests, but they detest and subvert goy national identities and interests. So, nationalism is all very well for Israel(and the West is compelled to support the Jewish State, or else be accused of ‘antisemitism’, as Jeremy Corbyn of UK found out), but any desire on the part of goyim to preserve national identity and borders is denounced as ‘far right’ or ‘xenophobic’. So, Jews say the West must support ultra-nationalist Israel but condemn Hungary for wanting to preserve its people and culture. Just like Jews believe their God is the only true God while all other gods are false, they believe their own identity is the only true identity whereas soulless and faceless goyim exist only to serve Jews. (Notice that children of Jews and Chinese are Jews first and Chinese second. Chinese-ness is subservient and secondary to Jewishness. Just ask Amy Chua who used her Chinese womb to create Jewish kids.) As the US has been majority white Christian, Jews have made alliances with ANY group to weaken white identity & unity and Christian Culture. Chinese have played along with the Jews to make gains in the West because Chinese believe Jews are the true boss of the West.

The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?

But even as ‘liberal’ Jews push this agenda in cahoots with the Chinese, ‘conservative’ Jews rant about how China is taking over the world and has spies all over America. So, China gets ALL THE BLAME for globalism’s impact on America. And one senses that ‘liberal’ Jews and ‘conservative’ Jews are working together behind the scenes. After all, ‘liberal’ Jews control the media and academia in the West, but they never condemn ‘conservative’ Jews for ramping up ‘yellow peril’ hysteria. People like Ezra Levant in Canada and Michael Savage in the US are given free rein to sound the alarm about ‘Chinese are coming, Chinese are coming’. So, ‘liberal’ Jews work with Chinese to subvert American Nationalism but also enable ‘conservative’ Jews who blame China but never Jews for the globalist agenda. Consider the two articles below: One shows how ‘liberal’ Wall Street Jews have long worked with China against the US. In contrast, Jews like Ezra Levant and Zionist-controlled Breitbart News spread alarm about how Chinese are taking over everything.

Chinese Official: We Subvert America Through Wall Street Jews

Documents Reveal Canada Planned Winter Training with Chinese Troops; Canceled After U.S. Request

There are many more Chinese than Jews, but quantity isn’t everything. In a way, Jews always had a Sacred Cow mentality along with the Strong Horse Strategy; the Sacred Cow among Jews was the Covenant, the sense of the Chosen. So, when it came to the Strong Horse Strategy, Jews only pretended to go with the goy Strong Horse. Even as the Jewish body was serving the goy Strong Horse(be it Anglo, German, Russian, French, or whatever), the Jewish soul remained loyal to the Sacred Cow of Jewish Identity. In other words, even as Jewish eyes and ears could be impressed by Gentile power, the Jewish Soul didn’t surrender to the Other. If anything, Jews served the goy Strong Horse to gain more power for themselves and grow their own Strong Horse to be trained to eventually outrace the Goy Strong Horse(like in BEN-HUR) and serve the Jewish Soul. In time, Jews would make goyim serve the Jewish Strong Horse as well. Today, goyim in the US are total servants to Jewish Supremacist Power.


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In contrast, Chinese only have a Strong Horse strategy. There is no sacred cow mentality. (Chinese were feng-shui superstitious about the world around them but didn’t develop a sacred sense of the Chinese soul.) Ideally, they’d like to be the Strong Horse and have others revolve around the Chinese(as the Middle Kingdom). But if they can’t be the Strong Horse, they’d rather follow whatever happens to be the Strong Horse, even if it isn’t Chinese. Now, Chinese Culture, steeped in Confucian tradition, has a sense of goodness apart from power and wealth, but it’s mostly about manners than about ethno-spiritual identity, which is what Jews have. Manners are not strong enough to hold an identity together. If anything, it tends to divide a people along class lines: Snobs and slobs. Chinese also have Taoism, but it’s about man’s ego yielding to the Way. It is an emasculating kind of spirituality. If the Jewish Covenant concentrates the power of the universe in Jewish Identity as the Chosen of God, the creator and ruler of all, Taoism tends to dissolve Chinese ego in vague musings about the ‘harmony’. At any rate, in Confucian vs the Covenant, the Covenant wins.

Because Jews have both Strong Horse Strategy and Sacred Cow Mentality, even their service to the goy Strong Horse eventually serves Jewish Identity, which is sacred to Jews. Also, Jews are BORN with the Covenant. It is innate. In contrast, Confucian-based sense of the higher good isn’t something one is born with but must attain through education and refinement. Thus, it doesn’t apply to all Chinese but only to those with the good fortune of higher education and social elevation. Also, this East Asian emphasis on education-as-the-path-to-respectability means that the Chinese are easily molded by whomever is doing the educating. So, under the Old Order, they strove to be proper Confucians. Under Mao, they were fervent communists. And Chinese in the Current West become servile students of globo-homo, BLM nonsense, and Jew-worship, the new holy trinity of the West. Because their own identity isn’t prized as a sacred cow(like Jewish identity is for Jews who are steeped in Covenant Mentality), Chinese are likely to go along with whatever happens to be the Strong Horse. Plenty of Chinese who see the West as the Strong Horse and Sacred Cow(or the ‘shining city on the hill’) will gladly work for the West against their ancestral nation. Indeed, consider all those Chinese women who use their Chinese wombs to produce Jewish babies for Jewish men. Chinese bodies not only work for Jews but function to produce new life for Jews than for Chinese.

So, whereas Jews in disadvantageous situations may submit their bodies to the goy Strong Horse but never surrender their souls, Chinese will submit their bodies and surrender their souls to the Strong Horse even if it is non-Chinese or anti-Chinese. Look at all the Chinese cucks sucking up to the West in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They are like the worthless Dumb Polacks who’d gladly sell out Poland because they adulate the Jewish-run West as the Strong Horse.
Though the first Chinese arrivals in the West might feel some loyalty to the Mother Country, their children are destined to become agents of Globo-Homo, Jewish Power, and Negro-worship because their parents raise them to follow, obey, and serve the Strong Horse, which currently happens to be owned by Jews. (The Chinese sense of loyalty to family works only in close-knit local communities. In the mobile modern world, people need a powerful sense of ethnic solidarity or national identity to maintain a lasting sense of loyalty. But as East Asians favor class over race, they are more likely to betray their own kind for personal gain. In contrast, the Jewish Covenant is about race/blood than about class. A Jew, rich or poor, is equally holy within the Covenant. A successful Jew doesn’t despise a less fortunate Jew like a successful East Asian looks down on the less fortunate among his own kind. It’s why Israel’s suicide rate is far lower than that of East Asia where the less successful are made to feel worthless.)

As long as Jews control the West, Chinese and Asians in general will serve as anti-white agents to gain approval from their Jewish Masters. Jews love to use ‘diversity’ against whites. When White Christians controlled the West long ago, many Chinese in the West converted to Christianity and emulated white power. But as whites now cuck to Jews, Chinese in the West also cuck to Jews. And if Jews tell Chinese to be anti-white, Chinese will be anti-white. This is useful to Jews as they then go to whites and say, “Look at all those anti-white Chinese”, which makes whites bark back at the Chinese but never at the Jews who encourage anti-white attitude among the Chinese(and other non-white groups).

If Chinese were cleverer, they would have pushed both the Strong Horse and the Sacred Cow strategies on the West, much like what the Jews did, especially after World War II. Jews used lots of dollars but also placed Holocaust at the center of Western Conscience. As China came under Western Aggression, the Chinese could have balanced Money Power with Moral Narrative of China’s degradation at the hands of the West. Thus, Chinese Suffering might have gained a degree of Sacred Cow status.

But, Chinese chose to morally target the Japanese, especially concerning the Nanking Massacre. Even Chinese in the West made more fuss about evil Japanese than about Western Aggression. Iris Chang in the US wrote a book about Japanese killing bushels of Chinese. And Jung Chang, married to some Briton and authoress of MAO, seems most hateful toward Mainland China than anything else. As such, the Chinese failed to exploit the cult of Chinese-victimhood. Notice China hasn’t made any big movie about its humiliation by Western Imperialists. China made a movie called CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH about Japanese atrocities in Nanking but did nothing to promote ‘Western Guilt’ in China’s tragedy in the 20th century. And even the guilt-baiting of Japan didn’t work as Japan could reliably look to the West to back it up against China. In contrast, Germans can’t rely on the West to back it up against Jews because Jews control the West. When Chinese say to Japanese, “You Japs no good”, the US will side with Japan against China. But when Jews say, “You Krauts suck”, the Jewish-ruled US will also tell Germans, “Yeah, you Krauts suck, so pony up and pay more shekels to Jews, or else!”

Jews can use their Strong Horse to trample on the West, but they are protected by the Sacred Cow of Shoah Narrative and ‘white guilt’ about Jews. In contrast, when Chinese use their Strong Horse of newly minted Money Power, they have no similar recourse to suppress anti-Chinese criticism as there is zero Western guilt about the Chinese. Most people in the West know nothing of the Chinese Tragedy in the past 200 yrs, and they’re more likely to think of Chinese as dog-eating & cat-boiling sadists who got whupped by ‘Japs’ who were then crushed by the Americans in the Good War. Because the US beat Japan that battered China, most Americans think Chinese owe everything to Americans. Americans overlook the part about how Europeans and Americans emboldened and built up Modern Japan and invited it into the Imperialist Club. And of course, Jews say nothing about how the Jewish Sassoon Dynasty sold the bulk of opium to the Chinese, but then the Chinese don’t press this point either as they are so eager to work with Jews as the Strongest Horse. If anything, Jews now fund ‘libertarian’ thinkers who say China’s opium problem was vastly exaggerated. They are like the paid shills who downplay the harm done to white working class by opioids peddled by the Jewish Sackler Family.

It goes to show that Financial Currency isn’t enough. The Sacred Cow of Moral Currency is also crucial. There’s been some talk of the Euro, the Yuan, or the combination of Yuan and other currencies challenging the supremacy of the Dollar, but the Dollar is still supreme and will be for the foreseeable future. So, even nations with troubled relations with the US must accumulate dollars to do business around the world. They need dollars to buy oil and other essential goods and materials. This is a case of Strong Horse power. Money Supremacy by the US. But, financial power is not a Sacred Cow. So, even as peoples around the world must take part in Dollar Domination, they can express resentment and denounce it as unfair and unjust.

In contrast, the currency of Moral Supremacism has Sacred Cow power. It comes with taboos attached. Jews, as the masters of the US, not only enjoy Dollar Supremacism over the world but, as masters of media and academia, also enjoy the supremacy of their own chosen Moral Currency, which revolves around Sacred Jews, Holy Homos, and Magic Negroes. One reason why Jews seek to fill the world with Holocaust Narratives, Globo-Homo ‘pride’ parades, and BLM agit-prop is to unify the world under a single Moral Currency of Tri-Supremacism of the Holy Three who matter most: Jews, blacks, and homos.

This way, most people’s moral currencies(based on their own tragic narratives) don’t go very far, just like most national currencies have limited use value. Local currencies must be exchanged into dollars to have global worth. Likewise, local folks must obtain Tri-Supremacist moral-shekels to curry favor with the US Empire that rules the world. For instance, Armenians won’t get far by griping about victimhood under Turks and Azerbaijanis. They are better off putting on a ‘gay pride’ parade or putting up BLM signs. Or, building a Holocaust Memorial even though Armenians had nothing to do with the Shoah. The fact is Armenians don’t matter much in the moral constellation configured by Jews. Indeed, it was no problem when Obama reneged on the pledge to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide in favor of maintaining good relations between the US and Turkey. If any people want to gain globo-‘moral worth’, they are better off spouting off about the Holocaust, wonders of homosexuality, and how BLM is so important(even though they had nothing to do with the African Slave Trade) because those three obsessions have the most value as moral currency in the West controlled by Jews.

Global Morality is really about the Imperialism of Western Consciousness and White Guilt. So, if the West feels special sympathy or reverence for Jews, blacks, and homos, then the rest of the world must also strive to gain moral credence by earning ‘woke’ shekels minted on notions of Sacred Jews, Holy Homos, and Magic Negroes. Such shekels are to World Morality what the US Dollar is to World Currency. Not all is fair and equal in the Moral Exchange Rate. Why is Mandela treated like a saint-prophet while Arafat has been memory-holed even though their struggles were so similar? Why was apartheid so evil in South Africa, but it’s okay when Jews do it to Palestinians in the West Bank? It’s because Jews and blacks morally count for more than Arabs and Palestinians. Indeed, many Arabs in the Emirates are now cutting a deal with Israel because the world doesn’t care about the plight of Arabs or Muslims.

Pakistani-American kid got admitted to an elite college by writing nothing but ‘Black Lives Matter’ a hundred times on the admissions essay. He didn’t write “Muslim Lives Matter” or “Pakistani Lives Matter” even though he is of Muslim background and from a region in which US power has done so much damage — after all, while the US police kills a handful of black criminals every year, the US military kills many thousands of Arabs/Muslims for the sake of Zionist Supremacy. So, shouldn’t the kid have pressed on the matter of “Muslim Lives Matter”? Alas, such wouldn’t have gotten him very far because Muslim or Pakistani identity doesn’t have much exchange value in the Moral Marketplace. But even if you’re not black, saying “black lives matter” can earn you some ‘moral’ credit because blacks are part of the Tri-Supremacist Holy Three.

Likewise, white politicians get nowhere by extolling the tragic histories of the Irish, Polish, Italians, Latvians, or whatever. And one’s sure to go morally bankrupt if he dares to spout morally-charged narratives about gentiles exploited by Jews or mass-killed by Jewish Bolsheviks. If white politicians want some ‘woke’ currency, the best bet is to gush about Jewish wonderfulness, ‘Muh Israel’, and, of course, the Holocaust as the worst thing that ever happened since the Big Bang.

White Supremacism is out, but White SAPremacism is in. Whites must be saps before Jews and their chosen allies, homos and blacks. And this SAPremacism serves as the template for the rest of the world. So, if you want to succeed as a Hindu or Chinese in the West, don’t bother griping about Hindu tragedy or Chinese suffering. No one cares about Hindu or Chinese lives, which have little moral exchange value. You must trade the tragic narratives of your own folks with the Tri-Supremacist shekels of Jew-Negro-Homo or Jewgromo Worship. Whites must act as saps before Jews, blacks, and homos to climb the ladder, and the rest of the world has to emulate White Sappery. Look at those Asians in Canada waving the homo flag and speaking/gesticulating in black lingo & ‘attitude’ to gain moral currency. As they matter little as Asians, they invoke blackness and homo vanity. And if they want to rise up in elite institutions, they are obligated to pay respect to Jewish Tragedy and Homo wonderfulness because their own identities and narratives have little value in the Tri-Supremacist Moral Currency System. A Chinese goes nowhere saying, “I love China and am proud to be Chinese”, but he or she might get somewhere by exclaiming, “I revere Jews”, “I love blacks”, and “I worship homos”.


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