Monday, September 5, 2022

The Inevitable End of Empire - Vox Popoli

 The English have been displaced in the very capital from which the Empire on which the Sun never set was ruled.

ITEM: Liz Truss is preparing to appoint the first cabinet in history in which none of the great offices of state will be held by a white man. After weeks of preparation while enjoying commanding poll leads, Truss is now close to finalising her top team.

ITEM: Indians – led by those who have lived in the UK for generations, NRIs, investors living elsewhere, students and families traveling to the UK for education – are the largest group of landowners in London, followed by the English and Pakistanis.

How, one wonders, are they “Indians” if they have been living in the UK for generations? Are they not simply English, as English as any Anglo-Saxon whose ancestors have been? Even when they simply relate the facts, the globalists expose their previous lies.

It always amuses me when the governments wax on about the importance of their citizens abroad, while simultaneously insisting that the foreigners resident in their country are every bit as native as the natives who are living elsewhere. It’s not merely nonsensical, it’s intrinsically oxymoronic.

A man cannot choose two masters. And empires fall because the colonized eventually become the rulers.

The USA succeeded England as the seat of the Empire That Never Ends. And it is following in England’s path; it is destined to be ruled by women and foreigners before the final collapse.