Sunday, July 30, 2017

A quick not to our readers and mentors - by Crush

We will be traveling for about a week, so new posts will be sporadic. However, as I have said before - this is not a news site - it's an accumulating archive of analyses and insights by the best authors I can find on the major topics listed. 
If you have not used it as such, try it the next time a discussion comes up - do a key word search and most likely you will have a whole list of results which are an education in itself if you read most of them.
Don't just regurgitate what you already know - some of what we know, ain't so - as Will Rogers so aptly said. Prove it!
We tend to rationalize what we already know - and end up delusional - I meet people like that daily on the net. They come from across the political spectrum - Leftists, Conservatives, Christians, Atheists, You name it - any wonder we're so screwed up? I have had to change many things that I thought were true - which ain't so! Had to put my ego in my back pocket!
Read this - - and check it out yourself!
Keep at it, folks - we have a long way to go!