Monday, July 31, 2017

I just posted this comment on an article by Steve McCann at American Thinker - by Crush

Steve - you've been one of my favorite writers on AT for years and still are - but it seems like you, as well as other writers, have developed a blind spot on the whole picture which is bigger than Trump or DaGOP.
When you wrote - "Tens of millions of Americans placed their unfettered faith and trust in Donald Trump and the Republican Party." - which is absolutely true, you also appeal to to both for the needed solution to our ills.
Here is my take - learned by reading all of the articles which I have archived for future reference - DaGOP, as a functioning opposition political party, is and has been dead for years - that's fact. That includes the Conservative movement which has been a mirage - a total failure - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - read for hours!
Unfortunately, DaGOP still functions as a fundraising operation and receives 'wishing well' votes by default - thus disappointing a steadily increasing portion of its supporters who are utterly frustrated by the results - another fact!
Let's look at history - The Dem party has been taken over by the Left - lock, stock and barrel - fact! How did it happen? 
Hold that thought and let's look at Trump.
He was and is both an effect and a cause. Trump rode a political wave and thus was an effect and benefited from the already building distrust of BOTH parties - a coalition of D and R voters - mostly blue collar, middle class and White - fact!
He is now the cause for the turmoil in DaDCSwamp - and rightly so - opposed by both parties - fact!
What's next? More turmoil to come - anyone who thinks DaDeepState will give up easy is delusional - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - another mother-lode of articles.
Finally, what's happening now? The Alt Right - inevitably - will take over the political leadership of DaGOP within 5-10 years (my estimate) - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - read for yourself.
I also understand that most writers, pundits and commenters here ridicule that statement - just as they ridiculed Trump - but the Alt Right has one unique characteristic - it deals in REALITY!
If the Alt Right does not succeed politically - along with Trump or his successors - the lessons of history show that this nation, or what's left of it - will go through another civil war.
Sad, but true!