Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Vox Popoli: Identity politics, Democratic edition (Demographics are destiny - America's defining moment!)

Even as the cucks and conservatives and "reasonable Left" decry identity politics, their inescapable reality is again reshaping the U.S. political scene, albeit from the opposite side of the spectrum than is usually discussed.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina running her first campaign, ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in New York's 14th congressional district on Tuesday, CNN projects, in the most shocking upset of a rollicking political season.

An activist and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Ocasio-Cortez won over voters in the minority-majority district with a ruthlessly efficient grassroots bid, even as Crowley -- the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House -- outraised her by a 10-to-1 margin. This was the first time in 14 years a member of his own party has attempted to unseat Crowley, who chairs the Queens County Democrats. His defeat marks a potential sea change in the broader sphere of liberal politics -- a result with implications for Democrats nationwide.

This is the first national example of a political development I predicted back in 2010 and declared to have begun in 2016 when Somali immigrant and activist Ilhan Omar defeated southeast Minneapolis's longtime Jewish state representative, Phyllis Khan, in the DFL primary. Omar went on to easily win the general election, defeating Republican Abdimalik Askar with 80.6 percent of the vote, to become the first Somali legislator in the United States that November.

Joe Crowley is a poster boy for second- and third-wave immigration, being the son of an Irish-American father and an immigrant mother from Northern Ireland, and is one of the last remaining cogs of the once-formidable, now-fading Irish Catholic political machine. But the transformation of U.S. population dynamics that once worked in favor of the Jewish and Irish immigrants at the expense of American posterity is now working against them. Jewish and Irish politicians are now being unseated by their African, Hispanic, and Asian replacements, and this process is inevitable because the scale and sources of the latest immigration wave utterly dwarf those of its predecessors.

Even if every single Irishman and woman in Ireland and every Jewish Israeli moved to the USA tomorrow, it would not come close to balancing the demographic power that now favors the fourth-wave immigrants. And what is alarming the likes of Jordan Peterson and other members of the so-called Reasonable Left is that fourth-wave immigration politics are considerably to the ideological left of their predecessors, and unlike those predecessors, the fourth-wave immigrants see no point in even pretending to value American history and tradition while they set about further transforming the land that used to be America to their liking.

Note that the results were not even close. That was a near-landslide in favor of Ocasio-Cortez over one of the most powerful incumbent Democratic Congressmen, which suggests that this newly discovered electoral power possessed by the fourth-wave immigrants is already stronger than anyone previously suspected.

May 10, 2010

“I want to start off by saying that the young man who spoke a little while ago was one of my students. And that made me so proud because I know that our people have strong leaders for years and years to come. … We know that all of that is happening in the context of where we now stand is stolen, occupied Mayheeco. And the message that we bring is we want to bring a little bit more of a revolutionary context to this. Why is it that these people, these frail, racist, white people, want to keep us out of this country? It’s not because simply of the color of our skin. It’s not simply because they just want to exploit us. Let me tell you why. Because on this planet right now are six billion people, at the forefront of the revolutionary movement is the Raza!”
– Ronald Gochez, Santee High School, 2007

Throughout history, when an occupying power has wanted to destabilize and destroy a nation, it has settled a foreign people in its midst. The seeds of the Balkan conflict were sown when the Turks planted Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to uproot the Christian Serbs who had long defended the borders of medieval Christendom and had more than once turned back the tide of an expanding Ottoman empire. The Soviet Union under Stalin methodically encouraged Russian emigration into the occupied Baltic states in a campaign of long-term Russification, to such an extent that nearly 30 percent of the populations of Latvia and Estonia were Russian.

Despite this, Americans did not worry about the massive migration of Mexicans and other third-world immigrants for many years due to their belief in equality and the idea of the American melting pot. Unfortunately, both concepts are complete myths, devoid of any support from logic, history or science. Despite the best efforts of the academic thought police and pop literary fantasists, such as Jared Diamond and Malcolm Gladwell, various scientific disciplines have quietly, but inexorably been demolishing the equalitarian hypothesis with regard to race, culture and sex.

There is, quite simply, no such thing as human equality in any material sense. In fact, the latest genetic research on potential Neanderthal genes found in humans of non-African descent suggest that it is not entirely accurate to even assert that homo sapiens is not divided into various subspecies....

The reality is that America will proceed on one of two paths. The first is to embrace the conflict. If Americans can find the courage to consciously reject the myth of the melting pot and expel the Mexicans from the American Southwest, the Arabs from Detroit and the Somalis from Minneapolis, they can reclaim their traditional white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture. This is highly improbable because so many descendants of that culture have rejected it in favor of the vibrancy of diversity while those who haven’t are far too frightened of criticism and social rejection to even articulate their thoughts.

Since no one of national stature is willing to openly defend traditional American society, that leaves only the second path of conflict avoidance. White Americans will continue to vote with their feet, retreating slowly but continuously before the inexorable wave of migrationary expansion. Encouraged by the frailty of American society and the fragility of myth-based American political culture, what are still currently the fringe views of the Aztlan revolutionaries will rapidly become the mainstream opinion of Mexican irredentists in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

Californians are already fleeing Southern California en masse. There is no way the elderly snowbirds of Arizona and the ex-Californians of Nevada are going to provide serious opposition to the ongoing migrational transformation. Only Texas, with its unique and expansive view of itself, combined with its history of violent conflict with Mexico, is likely to take action over time.

Melting-pot America was always a myth. There is no magic assimilation to replace the ruthless mathematics of demographic transformation.

UPDATE: The God-Emperor had a unique take on the upset in the Democratic primary.
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Wow! Big Trump Hater Congressman Joe Crowley, who many expected was going to take Nancy Pelosi’s place, just LOST his primary election. In other words, he’s out! That is a big one that nobody saw happening. Perhaps he should have been nicer, and more respectful, to his President!
He really should have.