Saturday, June 23, 2018

America is a land of, by and for Immigrants! Really? Says who?

Today we focus on immigration - or should we call it immigrant invasion? Most everything we have been taught on the subject has been a lie - so what else is new, eh?
Here is the bottom line - all of us will be impacted by what has happened so far and whatever will happen from here on. The best way I can summarize it is what I replied to someone on Disqus a few days ago - all mass migrations end up in war - 

DaWall might not work, but how do we know? - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - read a few.
Is DaWall stupid? No, this is STUPID -http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - can you see DaBigPicture?
This is STUPIDER - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - did you know?
This is STUPIDEST - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - get back to me after you read them.
That is history!
And don't forget to word search this archive for anything related to IMMIGRATION!