Thursday, June 28, 2018

Vox Popoli: Break it - (The European Union)

The sooner that the political abortion that is the EU collapses, the better. Today would be ideal.

Merkel warns the migrant crisis will 'make or break the EU' if European leaders cannot solve the problem during summit today 'Europe faces many challenges, but that of migration could become the make-or-break one for the EU. Either we manage it, so others in Africa believe that we are guided by values and believe in multilateralism, not unilateralism, or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong,' she said. 'That's why it's so important.'

Merkel's Bavarian CSU allies have given her until the end of the EU summit to reduce the burden of immigration on Germany, which has taken in 1.6 million migrants since 2014. Otherwise, they will defy her and impose border controls, which could collapse the chancellor's fledgling coalition. If she fails to secure bilateral deals and show progress is being made to deal with the influx of migrants who have entered Europe, she will return to Berlin a lame duck chancellor, or possibly even out of a job.

Merkel has to go, the sooner the better, and Germany must begin to repatriate all 1.6 million of the migrants that she foolishly permitted entry. But if Merkel's idiotic action does break apart the European Union, we will at least owe her a modicum of gratitude for that.

The neo-liberal world order, or as it should more accurately be known, the Trotskyite World Revolution, is collapsing. What will replace it is not yet known, but a collection of homogeneous nations living in relative peace would be a worthy objective.