Thursday, June 21, 2018

About perspective - what is ours? Narrow? Out of date? Wrong? - CL

With almost daily exposure and involvement with others on the internet, both on my Disqus comments and posting articles here, the matter of perspective often becomes the main point of contention on many issues. You might notice that the articles posted today involve quite a bit of contention - perspective!
For example, we might both agree that illegal immigration is bad because it's against the law - but I might tell you that legal immigration is the bigger problem and you might disagree - perspective!
Many fight DaLastWar when it's over; and so it goes - perspective!
Where does perspective come from? It is the sum total of our life experiences and learning - pretty simple - but not easy to constantly keep reflective of reality. I'm the first to admit that much of my perspective on matters of life have changed - especially in the last 12-15 years - why?
Simple answer - READING! What do we know.....and understand - and past perspective affects our future perspective. 
Prove all things - says the Bible - it is not easy and requires brutal honesty - with yourself!

If you need to get up to speed as to what we are doing here, you might link to - - for some more discussion on perspective and this one - - for more explanation of our purpose here.
And Good Mentoring!