Friday, June 22, 2018

Converged - Conspiracy - Co-opted? What is going on?

I admit that several years ago, if you had asked me about the meaning of 'converged', I would not have defined it as anything to do with Social Justice Warriors (SJW). I probably would have used an engineering term.
Well, we have arrived - and I would now bet that your company, church or organization is already converged or well on the way. Our governments, schools and institutions are beyond converged - so what exactly does it mean?
As usual, our archive here comes to the rescue, I word searched CONVERGED - - read at least the first dozen hits and you should be well versed on the subject.
The first 4 posts today are from Vox Day's site - I strongly suggest you plug in to it regularly and stay plugged - and you also might read the comments following his posts, they are often very informative - sometimes strong language!
Finally, Pat Buchanan asks a serious question - do we have the will to survive?
Do we?