Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Another day for and from the History Books as posted today. And Gary North reveals how an American history textbook was written and used for 56 years!

Before you read the posts, did you know? I have left out an important aspect of American society: the public school system. To understand what college professors wanted the American public to believe, you would have to study American textbooks at the high school level. University libraries don't have these on the shelves, either. The advantage is this: you would only have to study the work of one man, David Saville Muzzey. He wrote the American history textbook that the majority of American high school students read from 1911 at least to the mid-1960's. He did this invisibly. Parents paid no attention. The public didn't know who he was. Intellectuals didn't know who he was. Year after year, decade after decade, his publisher generated huge revenues from his books. I don't know what he was worth when he died, but he must have been a multi-multimillionaire off the royalties. He was a Progressive. He was a graduate of Columbia. He was a graduate of the liberal New York seminary, Union Theological Seminary. He was a social gospel advocate. He shaped the thinking of probably half of the high school graduates in America for half a century. You cannot find his textbooks in university libraries. Libraries don't collect textbooks.

It is mind-boggling that one man shaped the thinking of half of American high school students from 1911 until at least 1966, yet nobody knew who he was at the time, and nobody knows who he was now. How could you begin to understand American social history if you had no idea of what history textbooks and government textbooks taught to the masses? Here is the Wikipedia entry on him:
David Saville Muzzey (1870-1965) was an American historian. His history books were used as textbooks by millions of American children. He was accused of being a "bolshevik" by the Better America Federation.
That entry never changes. I have seen it for years. It conveys essentially zero information about him.

Read the article - - and understand how history is written.