Friday, June 29, 2018

Are we on the road to perdition?

Where are we when it comes to our 'Educayshon' system - can we afford it anymore?
Which books will be banned from your library next?
And what's going on in our government - according to Q?

" The basic theme to the Qanon 8chan posts are that Trump and Sessions are frantically working behind the scenes to bring down what we all now know to be a very real and very corrupt deep state shadow government.  The antagonists — corrupt intelligence agency officials, congressmen, and news media plants — did not expect Trump to win and therefore are in “panic mode” over a number of crimes committed over the last eight to twenty years.  These crimes allegedly range from what we’ve seen already (election rigging, dark money, bribes take by elected officials and intelligence agencies) to the far-fetched (mass sex trafficking and pedophilia among elected officials). Some predictions have failed (Hillary Clinton being arrested in October 2017) while others have been eerily prophetic (the pope’s bizarre suggestion of changing the Lord’s prayer)." - the full text is here