Monday, June 25, 2018

Defending Our Own | The Z Blog (Have the Whites in America decided to commit suicide by consensus?)

For the longest time, the argument against the Progressive project, which in America means multiculturalism as a civic religion, is that the various tribes in the coalition of the ascendant would turn on one another. The laws used to punish white people for being competent society builders would be used by the new tribes against the coalition and the whole thing would collapse. Then there was the point that the people leading the coalition are the most tribal people on earth. This is now playing out in the lawsuit against Harvard.

Harvard is not about education. It is about the credentials. When you major in math at Harvard, or any elite college, you are not learning a different math from the math majors at UMass/Boston. Look through the course catalog of an elite college and it is noticeably less rigorous than most state universities. Entrance to an elite university is both a proxy IQ test and social proof. If you get accepted to Harvard, you are smart enough to be in the elite and you have the correct combination of innate virtues to be in the ruling elite.

What’s playing out in this Harvard lawsuit is that the dominant tribe in the coalition is fighting to defend its position against this insurgent tribe, that has figured out how to game the admissions system. In order to prevent Harvard from becoming 50% Asian, they have rigged the system to prevent that from happening. The trouble, of course, is this is just the same sort of discrimination that Jews argued against last century. Instead of WASP’s blocking Jews from admission, it is Jews blocking Asians on cultural grounds.

It’s important to remember that this is not about access to an education. Exactly no one thinks you learn more at Harvard than at UCLA or the University of Virginia. In fact, land grant universities, like Michigan or Wisconsin, offer vastly better education facilitates than the Ivy League colleges. What Harvard has is a credential that opens the doors to the nation’s ruling elite. At Harvard, you are with the future rulers of this land and that’s not something the current ruling tribe is interested in sharing with the newcomers.
The most probable outcome of this is the court eventually sides with Harvard, by fashioning some ludicrous exception to the laws that govern everyone else. After all, the current Supreme Court is made up of six Harvard grads and three Yale grads. Look down the roster of the Federal bench and you won’t see many guys name Wong who graduated from Cal State Fullerton. The whole point of seizing power is to use it to reward your friends and punish your enemies. The people in charge have always known this.
Now, this is amusing from the perspective of the Dissident Right, but it is also useful, in that it proves an essential point. That is, individualism is a sure way to get trampled by a motivated identity group. The people on top of the Progressive coalition got there by sticking together and working for their common good. The people suing them over admissions practices are doing so as a group. In the world of Progressive politics, group identity is the top level domain, it trumps everything else in the fight for position.
The same thing is happening to America as we slide into majority-minority status. As of 2011, America was 60% non-Hispanic white. A majority of school aged children are non-white. Given the endless flood of migrants into the country, the die is cast. Within the next generation, whites in America will be a minority. Given the level of nastiness we see towards whites all over the popular culture, while whites remain a majority, imagine how aggressive and violent our new overlords will be when we are a clear minority.
This proves the other point about the multicultural creed being imposed on us by our rulers. It inevitably must lead to lawlessness and group identity politics. Lee Kuan Yewwas right, “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” That is the lesson of history. Look at majority-minority places around the world, or even cities in America with large minority populations. Everyone puts their tribe above all else.

For whites in America this will be tough to accept. For generations now, white people have been bathed in the poaching liquid of individualism. Subversives like Ben Shapiro still preach this stuff, even while he sports a yarmulke and fingers his two passports. The frontier mentality has become a part of the romantic mythology of an America most white people cling to like a life raft. Libertarianism is really just a weird romanticism for a past that never existed and future that has been foreclosed by multiculturalism.
This will change as reality becomes more clear. The general lawlessness we see among our ruling classes is not unnoticed. When white people enter “white couple” in a google image search and it returns all race mixers, a white identitarian is born. This battle between our would-be over-class and our current over-class is the sort of thing that opens the eyes of white people about the reality of America. Those notions about individualism and a frontier culture are giving way to a sense that it is time to defend our own.