Saturday, August 25, 2018

Economy, Society, History, and Civilization - By Hans-Hermann Hoppe (Resources for Mentors)

Hans-Hermann Hoppe presents a thorough reconstruction of the foundation of economics, social theory, and politics.
Democracy--The God Tha...Hans-Hermann HoppeBest Price: $31.21Buy New $38.00(as of 10:55 EDT - Details) History of Man: ...Hans-Hermann HoppeBest Price: $9.94Buy New $9.95(as of 12:05 EDT - Details) Economics and Ethi...Hans-Hermann HoppeBest Price: $116.74Buy New $95.62(as of 12:05 EDT - Details) Science and t...Hans-Hermann HoppeBuy New $5.00(as of 12:05 EDT - Details)
Hans-Hermann Hoppe [send him mail] is distinguished fellow at the Mises Institute and founder and president of the Property and Freedom Society. His books include Democracy: The God That Failed and The Myth of National Defense. Visit his website.