Saturday, August 11, 2018

Note to Mentors - "An Appeal to Patriots" - Oh Yeah? And Who is Appealing? - CL

It is slowly dawning on me that there are operations in the US which we might consider 'Controlled Opposition', but which are actually and purposefully designed to waste our time and money in seemingly endless 'Conservative' causes - most of them neutered and impotent to have any real effect.
Just study the history of them - have they stopped or conserved anything?
Then there are the conspiracy theories - what is fake and what is true - like Q, for instance?
I have no clue - but when someone appeals to my 'wanting to return our country to its founding principles', that man is either a fool or a tool! We are too far removed from any semblance of a republic as originally formulated - the fool thinks we're a few clicks away - the tool, who owes his allegiance to his keeper, thinks he can fool us with his patriotic blather.
Both are serving the Master of Lies - Old Scratch!
Today's posts illustrate my point.
Mentors - question EVERYTHING!
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