Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Importance to Liberals of Ignorance and Stupidity - By Jeffrey T. Brown

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."  So said Martin Luther King, Jr.  The danger lies, in part, in the fact that these characteristics are both intellectual and moral defects, which render the possessor of these flaws vulnerable to manipulation by those who use the illusion of morality to accomplish utterly immoral ends.  Never in our lifetimes have these two flaws been more proudly demonstrated and celebrated than now, in reaction to the presidency of Donald Trump.  Because of his effect, the incoherent emotionalism of the left, coupled with leftists' carefully taught inability to think rationally or critically, has been revealed to us on a disturbingly grand scale.  The extent had been largely hidden from us for decades as liberals and progressives felt safe and thus had no need to openly fight for the overthrow that was coming incrementally, without violent conflict.
Now, as their sacred cows are being corralled and butchered by the one man they didn't think existed, a non-politician who is an apostate from their political gutter faith, leftists have had to reveal themselves, showing us their innermost selves as they angrily fight all that this country has been and may still be under years of liberal garbage and neglect.  As unsettling as the reveal has been, it is an unexpected gift that we ignore at peril of our lives and those of our children.  For now, they seek to persuade the non-believers with their words and fake morality.  Eventually, however, the unshakable will have to be dealt with more severely, once the cries and tears are exhausted and the lies laid bare.
The left's war for the wealth of the nation, if not its hearts and minds, is now being waged more viciously, both politically and culturally.  The political war plan is being carried out in the agencies of government and culturally through the media's careful control of information and messaging.  Through this symbiotic partnership, generations of ill informed or uninformed followers have been taught via government-controlled education and biased media to shun information that offends their progressive sensitivities.  Worse, they are trained to react in a Pavlovian manner to stimuli directed solely to their overdeveloped emotions, such that all change is now sought to be effected through an endless series of increasingly ludicrous hoaxes they are too stupid and ignorant to detect and thus reject.
Perhaps the most recent such hoax, which is being carried out seemingly with the utmost sincerity and seriousness, pertains to John Brennan's security clearance, transformed by manipulators into a constitutional crisis, though it has nothing at all do to with the Constitution.  No matter how carefully one reads the Bill of Rights, the words "security clearance" do not appear.  John Brennan's freedoms remain intact, and he can continue to violate every oath he ever took as he works to destabilize the country from within.  In fact, the only rational way that revoking his security clearance could be considered an infringement of his right to express himself is if he used that right to disclose classified information obtained via his clearance.  The revocation of a clearance merely deprives him of certain information, just as the media he works for do every hour of every day to their viewers, without Mr. Brennan's objection.
Those on the left, both political and cultural, are exploiting this giant puff of hot air to enrage their already overwrought lemmings, reinforcing for them the overarching lie that Trump is a tyrant, the most absurd yet believed hoax of them all.  For this to work, the zealots must reject a daily reality they can see for themselves and accept in its place something that requires a near religious faith in what is obviously false.  Perhaps nothing speaks to ignorance and stupidity more than rejecting demonstrable reality, and doing so proudly.
As tyrants go, given historical examples of real tyrants, Trump is the worst one ever.  He has supposedly limited the rights of millions who still retain every single right they had before he became president.  For instance, in shining a light on the media for their malice, he has been accused of infringing on their First Amendment rights.  Yet somehow these media people are exercising those very rights to criticize the president without the slightest fear of actual jeopardy.  Under this tyrant, it is instantly clear to every sentient person that nobody suffers actual consequences for the exercise of his right to say false things.  There are no crackdowns, no mass arrests, no opponents hustled into vans by dark-clad men, no political prisoners, and no gulags.  People drive cars with "Resist" stickers on them without concern.  This is apparent to every outraged progressive, yet progressives lack the mental capacity to reject a lie and process the truth that a tyrant would never permit these forms of opposition and that they remain free.
Unfortunately, while ignorance and stupidity are useful as tools to create fear and hatred to promote political overthrow, they are dangerous as guiding principles by which to encourage people to live in a country.  This, too, is being revealed to us on a grand scale.  On the basis of lies and frauds aimed directly at progressives conditioned to believe them, conservatives are being subjected to public attacks and injustices that bespeak the bigotry and prejudice of which ignorant and stupid people are proud.  Conservatives are being silenced, marginalized, harangued, threatened, and physically assaulted, all for wishing not to become collectivist slaves.  Racism against whites is now chic and popular, and white genocide is a subject of humor, a further sign of the comfort of the left with the idea of political mass murder.  Anti-Semitism on the left, a sign of pure ignorance and stupidity, is on the rise.  And yes, there is the actual violence done by the ignorant and stupid when they realize that they will not win any other way.  Whether by Antifa or against congressional Republicans playing baseball or against their own neighbors in the streets of every Democrat-controlled city, the acquiescence by the elite in the use of violence for power is a compelling sign of the deep ignorance, stupidity, and malice that a progressive society will manifest if given the chance to politically subjugate us.
These acts are being encouraged and carried out by the political, media, and cultural elite on the left, who privately know that a complete purge of the remnants of the old United States will require actual violence, just as every other Marxist revolution before it has.  Our Constitution was crafted to prevent precisely this result, which is why the left loathes and rejects it.  They are fine with violence, since they know what must happen but say nothing to quell their increasingly deranged adherents.  They have chosen slavery to the state, and they insist you surrender to them.
Prepare yourselves.  The ignorant and stupid, and those who control them, are telling us they are coming, what they think of us, and what they hope to do to us