Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Vox Popoli: It's a small, small world (bureaucratic incestuousness?)

Another of those close connections that the media never seems to see fit to discuss. Where are all the glowing Washington Post and Atlantic features about this DC Power Couple:
Lisa H. Barsoomian, an Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law, is a protégé of James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998.

Lawrence also represented:

Robert Mueller three times;

James Comey five times;

Barack Obama 45 times;

Kathleen Sebelius 56 times;

Bill Clinton 40 times; and

Hillary Clinton 17 times.

Between 1998 and 2017, Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least five times.

You may be saying to yourself, OK, who cares? Who cares about the work history of this Barsoomian woman?

It deals with Trump and his recent tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, the border wall, DACA, everything coming out of California, the Uni-party unrelenting opposition to President Trump, the Clapper leaks, the Comey leaks, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal and subsequent 14 month nap with occasional forays into the marijuana legalization mix …. and last but not least Mueller’s never-ending investigation into collusion between the Trump team and-the Russians.

Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention?


She is Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s WIFE!

Now, either the God-Emperor and his military advisers are every bit as dumb as his very worst critics believe, or he knows exactly what he is doing by leaving Swampy McRosenstein in place and has a good reason for doing so.

It's also interesting to see Neon Revolt's latest post, which cites evidence that the McCain Institute became the substitute channel for the Clinton Foundation after the flow of donor money was cut off to the latter. Curiouser and curiouser....