Monday, August 13, 2018

Vox Popoli: The weird devolution of Disney princesses

This sinister age-devolution of Disney princesses over time is not mere coincidence, nor is it a growing inclination to market their characters through appeals to neoteny, nor is it the influence of Japanese anime. To the contrary, it is overt and objective evidence of the growing influence of pedos inside the Disney corporation.

Now that I’m a dad, I realize I’m basically only going to watch animated movies for the next decade. And as I started thinking back about all the great Disney movies through the years, I noticed something weird has been happening to the princesses.

In the earliest Disney films, the princesses more or less look like real, human women. But through the years, something strange happens. Heads get bigger compared to their bodies and their eyes get bigger compared to their heads.

By the time we get to Elsa, this 22-year old Frozen princess has the body ratios of an 8 year old. Moana is supposedly 16 years old, but she has the body ratios of a 4 year old. Disney princesses have been looking more and more like children.

It's more than something weird, it is something downright sinister. And for those who are constantly demanding, "where's the evidence", well, there is literally decades of evidence right there in front of your eyes.