Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Note to Mentors - Are Conservatives and Christians up to a spiritual and/or physical battle? - CL

As I asked a couple of days ago - are we approaching civil war in the USA?
How many Conservatives know the Conservative history in the United States?
When did Christianity become Churchianity in the US?
If anyone thinks we are still living in a Constitutional republic, they are either a fool or a tool.
Today's posts ask some hard questions - and the immediate and recent history of both Conservatives and Christians is quite clear - neither of the C's are meeting our responsibilities! In fact, let the record speak for itself - you can read about them in the posts. Robert Oscar Lopez's article is an indictment of the cowardly 'allies'!
Our internet tech giants are now systematically shutting us down - a step at a time. Who's next? And what should be our reaction?
Our media is now DaFakeStreamMedia - an enemy of WeDaPeople - and all we do is complain and succumb meekly to their demands for 'civility' - often admonished by our own hall monitors more interested in their own virtues than truth.
Need I go on?
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