Friday, February 8, 2019

Abortion = Eugenics - By Allan Stevo

The ultra pro abortion governor of Virginia glibly showed support for infanticide on the radio this past week.
To which he received wide support.
Michele Goldberg of the New York Times even went so far as drawing an artificial distinction claiming there is some giant moral difference between taking the life of a 40-week-old fetus before being born and a new born baby immediately after being born. 
CBS dispensed with journalistic integrity by intentionally misquoting Northam to make him sound better. 
Nationally Northam’s allies lined up to support his stance that infanticide is a woman’s right. 
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Northam even came out in favor of himself. Though his comments sounded poorly delivered – he boldly doubled down saying he stood by his words. 
Then a few days later “a concerned citizen,” showed the media a photo in which Northam was either the guy in black face or the guy in the Klan outfit. How or why this photo did not surface during Northam’s 2007, 2011, 2013, or 2017 elections is a mystery.
His allies from a day earlier deleted tweets and were now against him. The NAACP didn’t like that photo. MoveOn didn’t like that photo. Presidential candidates didn’t like that photo . There were suddenly calls for his resignation in his home state by Republicans, and even by Planned Parenthood while leading Virginia Democrats were “still processing” the photo.
For his present-day pro-eugenics, pro-infanticide stances, he is upheld as a hero, but for the 35-year-old, similarly themed photo he was widely condemned. 
He was condemned even by himself. With Northrop calling his own actions “clearly racist.” 
Of course, only in our twisted culture is his present-day eugenicist abortion and infanticide stance acceptable. Suddenly once it comes out that a much younger Northam dressed up in a costume he’s now a villain.
  • 19 million black babies – equivalent to more than half of the present black American population of 37 million – have been aborted since Roe v. Wade.
Virtually anyone who has done an in depth and wide survey of the most influential American political writing of the past century, knows the strong encouragement that Eastern seaboard intellectuals have shown for both eugenics and abortion, that eugenics and abortion are both firmly at the root of the vast social engineering projects that stem from the progressive worldview, and which today get recycled and deceptively dressed up for the poorly read with well tested talking points. Of course eugenics isn’t openly paraded around because it is no longer a popular view, but eugenics remain at the intellectual foundation of progressivism.
The 21st century talking points around abortion being a civil right may sound wonderful and loving, the intellectual root of the ideas are horrifying.
Margaret Sanger herself, founder of Planned Parenthood didn’t don a faux Klan outfit in some goofy yearbook photo. Instead, according to her autobiography she spoke to the “women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan at Silver Lake, New Jersey,” likely about the virtues of birth control for whitening and purifying the American population, as was an important topic for her. It was such an important topic that she started her “Negro Project” in 1939 to get black Americans onboard with their own population control, just as German racists were ramping up population control initiatives across the Atlantic. Such an important topic that in 1922, she placed notorious racist writer and Klansman Lothrop Stoddard on the founding six member board of directors for the birth control organization that later became known as Planned Parenthood.
That Planned Parenthood successfully helps to reduce the black population of the United States, just as Sanger vocally and publicly stated for decades was her intent, should be no surprise.
That Planned Parenthood employees help counsel self-identified pimps on how to bring 13-year-olds in for abortions without detection of their parents or law enforcement, but still claims to fight in the best interest of women, should be no surprise. 
That Planned Parenthood buys and sells fetal body parts in backroom deals should be no surprise. 
That the governor of the state directly adjacent to DC, home to the mass of well-paid, well-educated beltway federal employees, elected with their popular support, advocates for infanticide in the right situations should be no surprise.
The surprise should be that anyone believes the deceptive talking points behind which this sociopathy hides.
Somehow if his present day unabashed abortion stance wasn’t incontrovertible proof of his belief in eugenics, his distasteful costume from three decades ago is?
Give me a break.
Dressing up in a costume is not the problem in and of itself. It is the lack of understanding for the pain of others at the hands of oppression that you demonstrate in such a costume. It is the lack of recognition that your unfeeling joke may indicate to others that you are a sociopath, that you truly have no regard for the sanctity of the individual in society. The costume is not actually the problem. The wearer of the costume is the problem.
Yet, only in the presence of the distasteful costume is he denounced, with CNN disowning him as a legitimate Democrat and going so far as to reference Northam as a Republican.
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Perhaps we can simply be honest about the topic and accept, as a society, that abortion is eugenics. Much do-gooder behavior is eugenics. The honest pro-choice argument is that government funded eugenics in combination with infanticide is good for society. That would be too honest for our morally dubious era though.
That honesty leads us to the slippery slope of why abortion is such an important issue. If the life of the baby isn’t worth much, then the life of the grown person isn’t worth much, the life of the individual isn’t worth much, and it’s easy to instead focus on how the ends justify the means.
But like Bill Clinton, Governor Ralph Northam has the most wonderful folksy way about him. It’s almost impossible to imagine him saying anything vile with that drawl. Both eugenicists. Both socialists. My guess is if Governor Northam were given the opportunity, we would quickly learn they are both giant war mongers, who drop bombs and starve children with clear consciences.
Racism, pro-abortion, eugenics, pro-war, massive social engineering programs. These are all intellectually consistent stances.
You are not an individual to such a person.
No one should be surprised when a person who holds one of these stances comes out with a demonstration of another of these stances.
No one should be surprised that such sociopathy and lack of regard for others amasses among politicians – a group of people we reward for being as phony with us as possible, a group of people, a profession, we empower by amassing as much power in the hands of the state as possible.
Other than being a sociopath, a eugenicist, pro-abortion, and social engineer, all par for the course among many Democrats and Republicans, the only thing that Governor Northam has done that is different from his peers is to tell the truth via a picture from the distant past that abortion really is eugenics, that racism and abortion and social planning walk hand in hand.
What’s wrong with that? Everything. Because truth is treason in the empire of lies. And there will be no truth in our political dialogues. Only lies and tired jeremiads will be had. Anyone who tells the truth will be dismissed.
Or perhaps like the fallible Trump anyone who tells the truth boldly enough will be embraced by a tired electorate who’ve had enough of the govno that central planners, social engineers, eugenicists, abortionists, and sociopaths claim they have to spew in order to stay in power. 
Allan Stevo [send him mail] writes about international politics and culture from a free market perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia ( He is the author of the best selling free market treatise on cryptocurrencies - The Bitcoin Manifesto.