Friday, February 22, 2019

Political Correctness – What is it? Do you practice it?

Today I am posting 3 related items on Political Correctness – all with comments by Vox Day.

What is Judeo-Christianity? How often do we use the term?
Truth is not a Judeo-Christian value because Judeo-Christianity itself is a shameless, ahistorical, and anti-Christian lie.

Here is a word search on Judeo Christian in the Limbraw Library.

Why has Western Civilization turned to penalize natives who prefer their own culture?
Left and Right is all but irrelevant now. Nationalist vs Global Imperialist is the only battle that matters in the present circumstances. And we - to the extent there can even be said to be a we - are now the global bad guys.

In truth, does the Chinese system sound considerably more just and rather preferable to the current US system? At least they understand their own self-interest?
Contrast this with the US system, where you can't go to college or get a job in academia if someone suspects of insufficient enthusiasm for blacks, gays, women, or [fill-in-the-blank], you can't have a bank account if someone believes you have engaged in hate speech, you can't raise funds if someone suspects you of insufficient enthusiasm for Jews, and you can't win government contracts if you don't agree to do business with Israel.
At least the Chinese know the score and know that the social credit system is based on upholding things the Chinese people traditionally support. Wouldn't most American people prefer a transparent system that actually benefits normal Americans and American traditions rather than an unpredictable one that benefits foreigners, degenerates, and foreign countries?

Here is an introduction to an encyclopedia online I like - Infogalactic – and Political Correctness – specifically. Unlike Wikipedia and the other online encyclopedias, Infogalactic is NOT full of Political Correctness.