Thursday, February 14, 2019

Radical Leftist Regime Continues Multi-Cultural Terror Against Unarmed German Civilians - By Michael Quinn

Ever notice that mainstream US news almost never has on-the-ground reporting from Germany? That’s because none of the main networks have bureaus there – instead they fly people in from London. Not so the hard-working people at Vesti, who have a full-tme bureau in Berlin, and a great correspondent there who really knows the country, and does great reporting. Oh, and RT has a huge office in Berlin too. We’re telling you, watch Russian news, it is really very good.
Germany’s government can’t seem to bring enough tolerance and diversity to the country. Sometimes the diversity is “refugees” engaging in mass sexual assault during New Year’s celebrations, other times tolerance comes by police questioning and interviewing women with braided hair for “Nazi” beliefs.
All of this is part and parcel of the “Changing Germany”.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, infamous right-wing hate preacher who denounced permanent resettlement of refugees as “immoral”
The political temperature is rising. Recently a bombing occured at the office of Alternative for Germany (AfD), a nationalist-learning party that has risen to prominence in the last few years. The most likely culprit–the far-leftists collectively known as Antifa.
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Another incident took place over the holidays in Germany. There was an explosion at the Alternative for Germany office in Döbeln in the east of the country. The police have already detained three suspects. Two of them are about 30, the third one is 50.
All of them are German citizens. According to one of the proposed theories, they were driven by political motives. In recent days, the situation around the migrant issue has been clearly escalating. A number of parties stood up for tougher laws after another New Year scandal involving refugees.
My colleague Alexander Korostelev has the details.
The historic center of Amberg is perfect to be featured on a New Year’s card from Germany. There’s a Kurfürst castle, candy houses, and a classic Bavarian atmosphere. They learned about the policy of open borders from news programs until the city itself went into the spotlight.
For 12 Amberg residents, shopping for New Year’s gifts resulted in various injuries. A group of drunken refugees battered and insulted passersby with impunity for several hours. Three Afghans and one Iranian, aged 17 to 19, attacked passersby, including children, with abandon.
As a result, one person was hospitalized with a head injury. And the quarter, as the police call the criminals, celebrated New Year’s in a detention facility. According to the city’s mayor, that’s where they belong.
Michael Cerny, Mayor of Amberg: “The incident shocked and horrified me. Honestly, I was enraged to some extent because it’s hard to imagine such a thing happening in our city. We don’t want to see such things. We don’t need it.”
Rambling on is the only thing with which Germany can oppose the haughty behavior of its guests. The legal status of the three detainees means that they can’t be deported. The fourth one was to leave the country a year ago. Culpable abstention and passivity by the authorities urge the locals to take justice into their own hands.
Vigilante groups began to patrol the streets of Amberg. In the town of Bottrop, a 50-year-old German started to do the cleaning, as he stated it. On the New Year’s Eve, the man rammed his Mercedes into groups of immigrants. Five people were injured.
Merkel, who opened the country’s border to 1.5 million refugees, stepped back and let her government voice the traditional mantra.
Horst Seehofer, Minister of the Interior: “For months, I’ve been asked to make the deportation procedures in Germany more efficient. Different parties have urged me to do that, including the CSU. That’s why the Ministry of the Interior has been working for several weeks. on amendments to the law. It’s not connected to the incident in Amberg or any other incident.
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I’ll present our suggestions to the experts from the coalition in January. We’ll see if the coalition is able to agree. I think that on one hand, we should protect people who have the right of asylum. On the other hand, we should send those who don’t need our protection to their homeland.”
The same strong statements were made three years ago when during the New Year Eve’s in Cologne, over 1,000 German women were sexually assaulted by immigrants. The same promises were made a year later in Berlin where the Islamic terrorist Anis Amri, who came to Germany as a refugee, drove his truck into a Christmas market; 11 people were killed, and 55 people were injured. An 18-year-old Freiburg resident, who was molested by eight Syrians after she went to a nightclub, heard about the plans to toughen migration laws, too.
If earlier Christmas markets were associated with German pop songs, mulled wine, and sausages, today, one can’t imagine them without concrete slabs and defense constructions. This is how the state protects society from the new reality and threats which the authorities create themselves.
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