Friday, February 22, 2019

Vox Popoli: Truth is not a Judeo-Christian value

Dennis Prager projects too much:
Truth is not a left-wing value.

I first discovered this as a graduate student studying the Soviet Union and left-wing ideologies at the Russian Institute of Columbia University School of International Affairs. Everything I have learned since has confirmed this view.

Individuals on both the left and right lie. Individuals on both the left and right tell the truth. And liberalism, unlike leftism, does value truth. But the further left one goes, the more one enters the world of the lie.

Why does the left lie?

There are two main reasons.

One is that leftists deem their goals more important than telling the truth. For example, every honest economist knows women do not earn 20 percent less money than men for the same work done for the same amount of hours under the same conditions. Yet leftists repeat the lie that women earn 78 cents for every dollar men earn. Why any employers would hire men when they could hire women and get the same amount of work done at the same level of excellence for the same number of hours while saving 20 cents on the dollar is a question only God or the sphinx could answer.

So, when New York Times columnists write this nonsense, do they believe it? The answer is they don’t ask themselves, “Is it true?” They ask themselves, “Does the claim help promote the left-wing doctrine that women are oppressed?” Whatever serves that end is morally justified.

The second reason is leftism is rooted in feelings, not reason or truth. From Karl Marx to Bernie Sanders, left-wing preference for socialism over capitalism is entirely rooted in emotion. Only capitalism creates wealth. Socialism merely spends what capitalism creates. Do leftists not know this? Even if they know it, the emotional pull of socialism prevails.

The Fake Right loves to whine about the Left. It's all they ever talk about. And there is nothing they enjoy doing more than explaining the Left to the Right; that's why this is taken from what is part six of Dennis Prager's opus called Explaining the Left. Of course, if you pay sufficient attention, what you eventually realize is that the Fake Right is a part of the Left. Dennis Prager behaves in exactly the same manner he decries here, because he deems his goals more important than telling the truth and because his loyalty to his people rooted in feelings, not reason or truth.

Truth is not a Judeo-Christian value because Judeo-Christianity itself is a shameless, ahistorical, and anti-Christian lie.