Thursday, February 21, 2019

The US Constitution is DEAD – Bury it!

It was about 12-15 years ago my awakening started – I thought the answer to all of our national travails was a return to our Constitution. What I failed to realize was that it was already dead and had been so for at least 100 years. How did it die?
Yup – I still have at least several hundred copies left……….

Now to the matter at hand – Charles Hugh Smith summarizes it well – but Eric Zuesse details the current method of how the sausage is made – read it and weep – it is all factual!

Paul Craig Roberts writes that when we politicize truth, we lose everything.

Finally, I word searched ‘US Constitution’ – try it yourself – you will be reading for hours!
It should become evident to all of us by now – WeDaPeople have some work to do – are we up to it? If you are new here, check out – – for the fundamentals.