Saturday, June 19, 2021

Taking UMBRAGE By L. Reichard White

It’s about all those ransomware hacks. You know, the Colonial Pipeline, the attack on Martha’s Vineyard ferry, on Meat Packing Giant JBS, etc.

Everyone immediately knows they all come from Russia, probably from Vladimir Putin himself. Afterall, the U.S. auto-responder says so.

This guy knows – – –

Vladimir Putin, as many people in this chamber know well, wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night trying to figure out how to destroy American democracy.” –House Trump Impeachment Manager Jason Crow

The world’s a small place. Who else would do it?

Well, OK, there are interests in the world which need Russia as the Essential Villain so they can have an excuse for iffy things like backing out of nuclear arms limitation treaties and spending one trillion dollars to modernize their nuclear weapons for example. So the nuclear part of the U.S. MilitaryIndustrialCongressionalComplex might have a motive to blame Russia. In fact, the whole Complex does.

And there is the cheap propaganda factor. We Americans have a tendency to confuse the Communist former USSR with capitalist anti-communist modern Russia. That makes it easy for anyone who needs an excuse for something to get one on the cheap. They just demonizize Russia by resurrecting the Cold War.

And, silly as it sounds, there are some conspiracy theorists who claim these ransomware hacks are done just for the money.

But more serious folks like House Manager Jason Crow — and Uncle Joe Biden — know Putin “the Killer” is behind it all — including the DNC hack, Hillary losing the 2016 election, dropping giant chlorine jugs on Syria from helicopters, not to mention the SkripalsAlexei Navalney, and for that matter, my last WINDOWS Blue Screen of Death.

But, in the case of the Blue Screens of Death and other hacks, how do they know it was Putin?

They look for his fingerprints. No, I’m not making that up. You’ve heard of cyber forensics, right?

But there’s a problem: It’s the CIA’s cyber warfare Remote Devices Branch, UMBRAGE group.

The UMBRAGE group collects cyber fingerprints and then other CIA branches use them to disguise their hacks. Stuxnet for example, when they hacked Iran’s nuclear centrifuges.

Would the CIA — perhaps a rogue operation — launch attacks against U.S.A. targets as false-flags, to stimulate development of protective counter-measures, for foreign policy manipulations, or perhaps to raise money for their “black-ops?” Would they use fake cyber “fingerprints” to misdirect blame? Would they launch fake narratives?

Could independent hacker groups using the CIA’s software it lost control of in 2016 do the same? “Once a single cyber ‘weapon’ is ‘loose’ it can spread around the world in seconds, to be used by rival states, cyber mafia and teenage hackers alike.

According to Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange,

“The [CIA] technology is designed to be unaccountable, it’s designed to be untraceable, it’s designed to hide itself. It’s designed to throw off people looking to see where there are fingerprints that might demonstrate who authored that technology,” Assange explained…. –Malware expert says ‘fingerprint’ switch shows past attacks blamed on Russia, China are work of CIA

But can we believe Mr. Assange? Afterall, sort of like Daniel Ellsberg with the Pentagon Papers, he published seriously embarrassing classified U.S. war department material. And Uncle Sam wants everyone to think bad things happen to anyone who embarrasses him, even when they’re foreign reporters and publishers over which Uncle has no jurisdiction.

So the U.S. Government is using all sorts of desperate unethical and even immoral legal and extrajudicial manipulations to get their British toadys to keep Mr. Assange locked up in England’s high security Bellmarsh Prison for no good reason.

So, do you think we can trust what he says?

Is that why there are conspiracy theorists Taking UMBRAGE with the establishment narrative? Is that why they claim we can’t be sure these attacks all come from Russia? Is that why they claim we can’t even be sure they don’t come from the CIA itself or one of it’s rogue operations, maybe to raise money for CIA black ops?

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