Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Vox Popoli: A young athlete is vaxxed out - Remember, Man is not a rational creature, he is a rationalizing one.

While I understand that most people only pay attention to the mainstream news, and not much attention at that, there is no reason to have any sympathy for those who experience the adverse effects of the experimental RNA modifications being pushed upon them:

Greyson Follmer, an Ohio State University (OSU) student, was an elite athlete and member of the university’s chapter of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). But, according to his mother, the 19-year-old from Ohio is looking at a very different future now, after he developed severe heart complications following his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Marie Follmer said nobody warned her about the potential for increased risks of COVID vaccine-related adverse events for people like her son, who already had COVID and had acquired natural immunity.

Greyson has played sports since he was 4 years old. He was an athlete who played in the state soccer championship in high school and then went on to OSU and started college during the COVID pandemic. He also joined ROTC his freshman year and was very active — running several miles every day with heavy packs on his back.

Greyson was perfectly healthy and had no underlying conditions except for asthma — which didn’t affect his athletic abilities — and food allergies.

Like most students early on in the year, Greyson and his friends got COVID. Though most had no symptoms, Greyson experienced mild flu symptoms — though they were nothing like his post-vaccine symptoms, Follmer explained.

The university required students who had COVID to quarantine. It also required them to get a heart MRI before they could return to school. Follmer thought that was strange, but she made sure her son got one.

When the cardiac MRI came back it showed Greyson’s heart was enlarged with slight inflammation. The cardiologist thought it could be related to being an elite athlete, and signed a release for Greyson to return to school.

“He wasn’t 100%, but he was recovering. He was able to go skiing, return to ROTC and went on spring break,” Follmer said.

Follmer and her husband got vaccinated first with Moderna. When a friend of Follmer secured appointments for the kids to be vaccinated, she drove to OSU, picked up Greyson and told him he was going to get vaccinated.

Greyson received his first dose of Pfizer on April 16, and a second dose on May 7. After the first dose Greyson experienced minor symptoms, but his mother didn’t connect them to the COVID vaccine.

It was after his second dose that things really changed, Follmer said. Greyson experienced significant symptoms shortly after his second dose. Three times he was taken to Nationwide Children’s Emergency Hospital.

“My son feels like he’s having a heart attack 24/7,” Follmer said. “He now has high blood pressure, severe chest pains, back pain, elevated kidney levels, hypothyroidism, inflamed lymph nodes in different areas of his body, and he can’t work or exercise.”

Follmer said Greyson feels like he’s dying and has to sleep all the time. He likely won’t be able to go back to ROTC and doesn’t know if he will be able to return to school in August.

The mother claims no one told her about the potential of risks related to her son already having had COVID, but that is almost certainly misleading. Every single person I've tried to warn about the not-vaxxes and who subsequently ignored those warnings was, at the very least heart, already aware that there were potential adverse effects, but they felt those risks were worth taking.

The reality is that the average person want to feel protected and they are ignoring the ancient medical principle: "First Do No Harm". Which is why so many readers here are finally beginning to understand that the MP in MPAI genuinely means "most people". From SG:

Its amazing how fast I lose the argument on the not-vax, I’m giving up again and will now just enjoy the time I have left with the sheep until whatever is going to happen happens.

One thing I have observed is that pretty much all the contrarians I know who read alternative news of one sort or another have refused to take the vaxx and cannot be pressured into do so, while everyone else is hell-bent on taking it as soon as possible. So, I don't worry about it. I've made my opinion known whenever asked - that it is reprehensibly stupid and indicative of both a Darwinian lack of fitness and a complete inability to calculate risk/reward ratios - but otherwise I don't talk about it anymore with anyone.

Remember, Man is not a rational creature, he is a rationalizing one.