Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Jabs Must Be BANNED - by Karl Denninger

The Jabs Must Be BANNED

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... in those under 18 and strongly discouraged in healthy adults under 50.

Those who promoted them in people under the age of 30 in addition must face justice.  There was never any science supporting it on a risk:benefit basis.

The CDC documents about 35 total Covid-related deaths in people under the age of 18 years all the way back to March of 2020.

This table is utterly gob-smacking damnable and is what we get for "Warp Speed" -- a litany of serious harms, many of which will wind up as deaths -- more deaths in those under 18 than Covid caused.


The experience .vs. expected rate is anywhere from ten to one hundred times higher than "random chance" in those under 24 years old, and form 3-30 times higher in those under 30.

If we presume that one in ten of these cases will eventually kill the person involved, which is likely conservative (the usual expectation is that half of these cases in the population generally that result in hospitalization eventually progress to heart failure and either a transplant or death within five years) these "side effects" will kill more people in the under-25 group than Covid has all the way back to the start of the pandemic.  The others, who are not killed, will wind up with monstrous medical bills they will have to pay and some amount of permanent damage to their cardiac health.

This is from one side effect alone.

Only those over 50 have an incidence of this result that is inline with expectations; everyone younger is either at or beyond the upper boundary.

In addition this data is almost-certainly incomplete as VAERS is a non-mandatory system and thus does not capture all events.  The degree of under-reporting is not able to be accurately bracketed but that it occurs is an absolute fact.  Therefore these reports are floors, not ceilings, and as such must be taken as a lower boundary only, yet even in that context they demonstrate utterly unacceptable risk that, in any ordinary civil proceeding would lead to strict liability.

THESE SHOTS MUST BE IMMEDIATELY STOPPED FOR ALL HEALTHY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 30 and strongly recommended against up to the age of 50 years unless the person receiving them has a serious morbid condition and has been tested negative for prior exposure to the virus itself.

That the CDC delayed this meeting for "Juneteenth" ought to get people imprisoned; this is an immediate emergency action item and to postpone it was utterly indefensible.

Any college administration that continues to hold forth a "requirement" for these shots in students should have their children put up as collateral to face the same outcome as any of the students who die as a result of these jabs, with said bond being good for the next ten years since myocarditis often leads to heart failure with the next five years in people it strikes.  If you coerced some young person to get the jab and they get hammered you should forfeit your own children's lives as you are the reason they got ****ed.

Administration of these shots to a previously-recovered person under 50 is, on the strength of this data, gross negligence and, if they get hit, attempted manslaughter or, if the person ultimately suffers heart failure, actual manslaughter.  And no, gross negligence is not covered by the "immunity" that HHS gave the vaccine manufacturers and health professionals; any person or organization administering such a shot to someone who is healthy and under 30 should be immediately sued as their so-called "protection" is presumptively void.